Sunday, February 28, 2010

New Concept

It’s been a month since I’ve posted to the blog. First I need to explain this entry’s title. I won’t be writing the blog trying to entertain everyone (not that I really did any way). I will be using the blog to keep track of our travels more in the format of a journal…..short one line entries of our activities…..mainly so I can keep track of where we’ve been and what we did. So, it may not be as interesting for you but you are more than welcome to keep reading if you want.

Monday, 1 Feb:

Made taco soup and put more mustard in the pretzel dip for dinner with the gang at Lynette and Gregg’s RV

Arlene and Kevin Sullivan arrived at Seven Oaks and will be staying for the month of February

Oscar’s new sleeping place

2010 002

Tuesday, 2 Feb:

Found a leak under the trailer where the toilet is located

Nolan took down the bottom of the RV to see if he could find the leak and didn’t really find one but decided to use some fiberglass stuff along the seams to see if that would stop the leak. He went to find the repair stuff.

I went to lunch at Gonzales the hugh hamberger place with the gang

We then went to Hobby Lobby and Sally’s Beauty Supply

Last stop was a bakery that the gang had found a couple of days ago…..really good donuts and very reasonable prices

While I was gone, Nolan worked on the leak filling the tank up and draining it and couldn’t get it to leak again. Decided we probably had let the tank get to full so he didn’t use the repair stuff.

Went down to the Activity Hall and listened to the The Young Family Band music show…..very good, parents and four kids, bluegrass and gospel

Wednesday, 3 Feb:

Lunch at McAllisters, Took back repair stuff, rained all day

Thursday, 4 Feb:

The other guys picked up Taste of the Valley tickets for us ($10 each)….several restaurants in the area would be giving samples of their food. Way too many people for the size of the place. Left and went to eat at Rudy’s BBQ.

Friday, 5 Feb:

Our turn to host a gathering. Nolan grilled Hamburgers and then we played ladder golf

Chuck and Kevin

Chuck and Kevin

Lynette, Kathy, Arlene watching

Lynette, Kathy, Arlene

Nolan watching

2010 002

Kevin and Chuck still playing……Chuck was the big winnter

Kevin and Chuck

Saturday, 6 Feb:

Went with the gang to the Riverside Club for river boat cruise 2010 037

Kevin and Arlene waiting to get on the boat

Arlene and Kevin

Mark and Rod waiting to get on the boat

Mark and Rod

Guy with his back to me is the captain of the boat

Boat Driver

Mark, Dortha, Debbie and Rod at other end of boat

Rod, Debbie, Dortha, Mark, Gregg

Rod, Debbie, Mark

Rod, Debbie, Dortha, Mark

Border patrol

Border Patrol

In the trees is the border patrol helicopter

Border Patrol Helicopter

Border Patrol Helicopter

2010 014

2010 015

Border Patrol Helicopter

Border Patrol Helicopter

Mexican recreation areas along the Rio Grande River

2010 019

2010 020

Not such a good looking one

2010 021

2010 022

Much better ones

2010 024

2010 026

Border patrol in their boats

2010 027

2010 028

2010 030

2010 031

2010 032

2010 033

2010 034

2010 035

Old cars along bank of river

2010 029

We were supposed to have lunch at the Riverside Club but they was so much noise Nolan couldn’t take it so we left and had lunch at DQ.

That afternoon we celebrated Arlene’s 60th birthday with cake at their RV.

At 7:00 we went to the Activity Hall for music by Sarah Getto

Sunday, 7 Feb:

Went to Flea Market to pick up girls CDs and a coin (state quarters) collecting book for cain

Super bowl party at Mark and Dortha’s RV took cheese dip and chips

Monday, 8 Feb:

Trip to South Padre Island for market days bought more Tervis Glasses and a food chopper

Causeway bridge

2010 038

Lunch at Dirty Al’s

2010 039

Visited the beach

2010 040 2010 041 2010 042

Dortha walking in the water

Dortha Dortha DorthaLynette, Mark Kevin, Arlene, Gregg Kevin and Gregg

Gregg and Lynette

Lynette and Gregg Lynette and Gregg Lynette, Gregg, Arlene 2010 053 2010 054 2010 055

Border fence on the drive home after stopping for ice cream at DQ2010 0572010 056

Tuesday, 9 Feb:

Sick with cold or allergies, didn’t do anything

Wednesday, 10 Feb:

Still sick, picked up prescription at Walmart, Nolan grilled steak

Thursday, 11 Feb: Still sick, dinner (pork roast and cabbage) at Leona and Jerry’s

Friday, 12 Feb: Trip to Mexico with the gang. I bought vanilla and pet flea and heart worm medicine. Lunch at Arturo’s, mexican, very good.

This is what the streets look like in Pregresso, Mexico.2010-02-12 2010-2 2010-02-12 2010-1


Nolan bought me this foam flower from a little girl on the street and gave it to me for Valentine’s Day.

Saturday, 13 Feb:

Nolan went to gun show and picked up steak for grilling at Mac and Lynette’s, we grilled chicken instead.

I made salad to take and Lynette made baked potatoes. Dortha and Arlene brought food also. Tried to sit outside but it was too cold.

Gregg’s fire to grill our meat on2010-02-13 2010-1

Sunday, 14 Feb:

Laundry, vacuumed, bright and sunny, Nolan worked on trailer putting the bottom of trailer back up, sat outside with dogs

Monday, 15 Feb:

Sick didn’t go with girls for pedicures and lunch, Nolan grilled steak for dinner

Tuesday, 16 Feb:

Met Buck (Nolan’s friend from Iowa) and family at Kingsville for lunch at Gem’s Pancake Restaurant. When we got home we sat outside in sun.

2010 002

Wednesday, 17 Feb:

Walked around the park with dogs 1/2 mile

Went to Flea Market with the gang, rode with Arlene and Kevin, didn’t buy anything but honey, ate at Jason’s Deli

Thursday, 18 Feb: Chuck and Kathy’s anniversary,

Went with the gang to RV Show at Ron Hoover’s

Girls went shopping at Michaels and then for cheesecake at Olive Garden….rainy

Friday, 19 Feb:

Rio Grande Valley Music Festival….rain

2010 003 2010 004 2010 005 2010 006

Saturday, 20 Feb: Walked, Happy Hour at Kevin and Arlene’s