Tuesday, August 31, 2010

20 – 31 August 2010

Wow, what a slow down!!!  Wedding is over and there’s nothing to worry about getting done and no shopping to do.  Nothing going on around here except work on weekends at the local convenience store and hanging out at the RV.  Kids have all started school again and everyone else is busy with working and doing what they normally do.  Nolan graduated high school in 1960 and this past weekend on the 28th, we attended his 50th High School Reunion.  He didn’t want me to take the camera but I really wish I had anyway.  We had a great time!  I finished my wedding gift to Carla and will post pictures after I give it to her, it’s a surprise and she doesn’t know what it is.  So, other than the above, we’re just waiting around doing noting until the 1st of October when we leave for TN for our next trip. 

Friday, August 20, 2010

11-19 August 2010

11 Aug, Wednesday:  Went to Brandi’s to get my scrapbook stuff.  Decided that I needed all my stuff to work on Carla’s wedding scrapbook.

12 Aug, Thursday:  Went to town to wash our bedspread in one of those big washers and of course we did a little shopping at Wal Mart.  Worked on Carla’s scrapbook some more.  I’ll take pictures when I get done.

13 Aug, Friday:  Fixed spaghetti for lunch/dinner and worked on the scrapbook some more.  Brandi and her family spent the night at my sister’s/Brandi’s mom’s cause their air conditioning went out….I sure don’t know how people lived without it years ago.

14 Aug, Saturday:  Still working at Walts so I opened at 7:00 and worked until 2:00.  Visited with my sister and her grandkids for a while then it was nap time.

15 Aug, Sunday:  Worked until 2:00.

16 Aug, Monday:  Laundry and cleaning then I went to work at 3:00 and worked until 9:00.

17 Aug, Tuesday:  Brandi’s kids spent the day with us.  We got around and drove to the Waynesville City Park.  Forgot my camera but they have the best park.  They have a water fountain play area and a really good playground.  The kids kept going from one to the other until they were hungry then Nolan went to Wendy’s and brought back our lunch.  They played a little while longer then we were on our way home so the youngest could take her nap.  Sure is fun to have them spend the day….they start school Thursday so that will probably be the last time for the summer.

18 Aug, Wednesday:  Today we washed the truck, ate a wonderful lunch in Raymondville, got the papers for Nolan’s concealed carry weapon permit, stopped by Wal Mart, went to the license bureau to get the CCW permit and then to the grocery store….nothing the rest of what was left of the day.

19 Aug, Thursday:  Pretty boring around here especially when the rest of our RV friends are getting together in IN and we aren’t…….yes, I’m feeling sorry for myself!  I don’t think I even went outside today….Nolan walked the dogs and I just watched TV and played on the computer.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

31 Jul - 10 Aug 2010

31 Jul, Saturday: Worked the night shift at Walts instead of the morning so that the other girl could attend the annual “Drive In/Car Show” that Walts sponsors…..forgot my camera to take pictures but there was over 40 cars that showed up…..a very busy night!!!

1 Aug, Sunday: Worked the morning at Walts, pretty uneventful.

2 Aug, Monday: One last day to work at the convenience store before we leave for Springfield for the wedding. Nolan and I had Brandi’s kids again today so they helped out for a couple of hours until their mom got home from work to pick them up……not so sure they were so much help, especially since right during the busiest time someone decided to bring back/turn in a U-Haul…..I think I might have yelled at them a little….sorry kids!!!

3 Aug, Tuesday: We managed to get the RV on the road by 10:30 and headed for Springfield. We had found an RV park in Strafford for $20 a night that seemed would fit the bill…..cheap, all my money was being spent on the wedding, and close to Carla, only 16 miles from her house. Arrived around noon and got set up…..park was just what we needed….lots of grass for the dogs and full hook ups. I met Carla and we finished buying gifts for the bridesmaid and parents…..yeah, I picked my own gift out…..I’ll share a picture later. We finally got everything done and it was a good thing….Carla was worn out!

4 Aug, Wednesday: Today Carla had to work in the morning and then we were off to get pedicures and manicures.

2010 064

2010 068 2010 066 2010 070 2010 021

Then we finished a little bit of shopping and made it to the Men’s Warehouse store to try on the tux’s.

Anthony was so cute…he loved his tux!!!2010 075 2010 076 2010 083

We were all tired so back to the RV for a restful night.

5 Aug, Thursday: Today was set up and rehearsal day. We got to 425 Downtown, wedding location, by 1:00. I started printing the programs and supervised the rest of the decorating process. Here are some pictures of the final results.

Table decorations

2010 0302010 104 2010 115

Programs, guest book, and party favors.

2010 028

Ceiling decorations

2010 039 2010 040

Candles where the ceremony will be with the chandeliers we had brought in.

2010 041 2010 109 2010 116

No cake, just cupcakes and candy.

2010 002

The we had the rehearsal and Chago’s dad picked up the BBQ, which was wonderful.

2010 011

Carla and her dad.

2010 013

Me supervising.

2010 018

I think we’re ready!

6 Aug, Friday: Today is the big day, we were up and ready to leave the RV by 10:00 to pick up the rental van. After a few delays in that process, we dropped the van off at Carla’s house for the guys to drive over to the wedding location. Nolan dropped me off at the University Plaza where Carla was staying. Jessica was there to start on everyone’s hair so I was first cause I needed to get over to the event location to let the DJ in and the flower lady. Here’s a picture after Carla go her hair done.


My niece Brandi helping with her shoes and she was ready!


Carla with her step daughters…..everyone’s ready to go!


So down to the front of the hotel where Nolan was waiting in the rental van to take them to the wedding location.

IMGL0182 IMGL0183

I met them at the door and went to sit down so the wedding could start.IMGL0202

The guys were ready also!


Here comes the bride…..




My dad performed the wedding ceremony…..


The happy couple…..


Carla’s new family…..


One last picture and then there was lots of food and dancing. I think everything turned out like she wanted…..I sure hope so!!!!IMGL0390

7 Aug, Saturday: We were going to move back to Roby today but Chago had lots of out of town family guests who were coming over for a BBQ at their house. So I decided to stay around for another day and help a little. We got all the wedding stuff put away and then went to do the shopping for the BBQ. Carla decided the best way I could help was by taking her dog, Maddie, to the RV for the night since some of Chago’s family doesn’t care for dogs. So, I helped her put stuff away and then I grabbed Maddie and took off to spend a quiet evening at the RV.

8 Aug, Sunday: We took Maddie home and were on our way back to Roby by 9:30. Nolan decided to jack the RV up to put the boards under the wheels instead of driving up on them which usually takes several trys to get it right. I’m not sure that was the best choice….it took him a long time with the jack he has now…..we’re buying a heavier jack soon!!!!

9 Aug, Monday: Went to pay the photography bill and order a few pictures around 11:00. Stopped by the store and Doc was ready for me to come to work since Linda had gone to Springfield. So, I worked the rest of the day.

10 Aug, Tuesday: Just worked on the scrapbook that I’m making for Carla all day.