Friday, March 27, 2009

11th Street Bar and Grill and Day Trip

Early in the day Wednesday, Chuck stopped by to invite us to go with them to Bandera to the 11th Street Bar and Grill. You bring your meat to gill on their grills and then pay $4 for sides to go with your meat. It's a country and western bar also. We were going to leave around 4:30 so we could stop at the grocery to get steaks on the way there. Chuck had decided that we would go via Highway 16 instead of the interstate......took a bit longer than our return trip but the scenery was great and of course the company was wonderful! I think we were late though.....not a big deal for me, I'm always late! Yesterday, Thurdays, we had made arrangements with Leona and Jerry to meet at George West to have lunch and be with them for a while before we both head home. Drive there was mostly in the rain. When Leona called to say they were there, we told them to meet us at the Staghorn Restaurant in Three Rivers, TX. What a great place to eat! Everyone else had catfish and I had Stag Burger......really, really good! We visited for a while and had a good time. On the way home we could see the storm in front of us and even went through some heavy rain and wind but we did not get caught in the hail that we saw along the side of the road. Temperature dropped to 58 and by the time we got back to the trailer it was 78. Nolan and I tried out the pool and hot tub and then finished the night in front of the TV.
I took this picture from the truck....the white stuff along the road is hail.....this was at the end of the was much thicker up the road. Sure glad we weren't in the middle of it!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Nothing Going On

Since our outing on Saturday, we have done about nothing. Sunday we went to Walmart and ate at Billy Gene's (home cooking type restaurant, not bad food). Yesterday I decided I needed to get Brenna's birthday present before we started home cause I might not have another chance to shop where there was a JC Penney's....they have the best kids clothes. Guess you know what I got her....some flippy flops (that's what Brandi says she calls them) and a couple of outfits to match's a good thing she can't read yet! Other than that we are just sitting around waiting to head back to Missouri I think. Weather is beautiful so bad weather is not the reason we're not doing anything.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Luckenbach Again and Trade Days

Our adventure today was to hop in Chuck and Kathy's truck with Debbie and Rod and meet Bob and Molly in Luckenbach. Then we were going to the Trade Days they have outside of Fredericksburg and then dinner at a german restaurant in Fredericksburg. I borrowed a few pictures from Debbie cause my camera's battery was going dead when we were at Luckenbach and I didn't want to walk back to the truck.

Chuck and Kathy
Nolan and I (thanks Bob andMolly)
Bob and Molly (thanks Debbie) Debbie and Rod (thanks Bob and Molley)
Debbie and Rod found out from the clerk at the store that the population is now 1.......
One of the first things we did when we got there was check out this steer. At first it looks like it's not alive but it moved it's head and surprised the heck out of us.

Bob insisted that Molly get on to have her picture taken and then of course we all had to stand with her for a picture!

This is Nolan inside the bar.....he doesn't look very happy but it was just the picture.....he had a good time cause he got to drink beer!

They had people playing music under this shelter....just so happens there were tons of bikers there and Luckenbach was celebrating the return of the mud dawber with a festival.

When we left there Chuck and Kathy said we had to stop at this place to see this guy who carves on beer bottles and granite stones. When we got to the door that was open there was a note saying he was at the Trade Days and if we bought something to leave the money in the pot.....very trusting guy and lots of nice carvings!Outside his shop.
So, we were off to the Trade Days.....a hugh flea market with lots and lots of stuff. The others went off to find the carving guy while Nolan took off in the opposite direction. I finally met up with him and he had been through all the buildings but 2 already.
We made plans to meet up back at the truck at 4:00 in case we lost each other and of course we did......this is Chuck and Kathy making their way back to the truck.
Nolan waiting for everyone to get back to the truck......
I was getting hungry, the others not so much.....they had found a booth that was selling jellies, sauces and mixes and I think they tried almost every one of them. However, we still made it to the german restaurant (I can't spell the name). Very good food but not quit as good as The Hub in Waynesville. This is a picture that Debbie took of the whole group.....we sure did have a good day with all these friends!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Comfort, TX

The only thing on the agenda today was going to Comfort to a restaurant that has live music on Friday nights. We had talked to a couple when we were in Alpine at the Cowboy Poetry Gathering and they were from Kerrville. They told us about a place in Comfort where every Friday night they go and play music at a little restaurant that also had pretty good food. So, it had been our plan to go there at least once while we were staying in Kerrville. Tonight was the night. All day we didn't do much of anything else except around 5:00 I walked over to Debbie and Rod's where Cathy and Chuck were joining them for Happy Hour. They invited us to go with them to Luckenbach on Saturday which sounds like a lot of fun. I wandered back to the trailer and Nolan was ready to go.......what a wasted trip! Next time we need to pay better attention to the directions or write them down.....we couldn't find the place. We asked about five different people where it might be and no one knew what we were talking about. So after about 30 minutes of driving around, we headed back to Kerrville and I warmed up Taco Soup for dinner!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Gibson Discount Store

Today was a really slow day.....took my shower early but we didn't get around to doing anything until I mentioned going to the discount store that all the dreamers had mentioned (Gibson Discount Store). What a would take hours and hours to see everything. We didn't really see anything we couldn't live without. We did see a really cute pink ball glove that we thought about buying for Brenna's birthday but I couldn't get her Mom on the phone so we passed that up. We again sat's so nice to be able to just sit in the warm weather and relax.....and the dogs really like being outside also. I finally got up and went inside to make spaghetti. After dinner more work on the taxes....wish I had increased my withholdings a little!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Scenic Drive

I really didn't think we would do anything today since we had been out the last two or three days but WRONG again. Around 11:00 Nolan asked me if I wanted to go for a drive. Of course, I said yes. We started out on Highway, there were a lot of beautiful places on this road along the Guadalupe River. And, again, I didn't take any pictures but a very nice drive. Around 1:30 we stopped in Leakey for lunch. Not a very big town but we found this place and their special for the day was, I was in seventh heaven! It was very good.

On our way to finish the drive, we drove through Rio Frio and Bandera. We were going to go to the Frontier Museum around Bandera but we took the wrong turn so we just passed on that. Back in Kerrville we decided to try HEB again (it's a grocery store chain in Texas that most people really, really like). We had tried the one in Rockport several times and did not have good experiences and had not been in one since. So, in we went, same kind of experience.....Nolan does not like lots of people anywhere! And, again, there were lots of people everywhere! Nolan is always pushing me out of someone's way when there's lots of people around and that totally makes me aggravated. I'm usually not in anyone's way but he sure thinks I am and he can't wait to get out so we're running down the isle. Whew......back at the trailer I just sat around outside for a while and then started working on my taxes since we had gotten our mail sent to us here and I had my 1099s......too funny, no W2s cause I don't work any more!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


As I've said before, I never know what's up for the day until after I get up in the morning. Today he gave me a choice......take the dogs to the park or go to Fredericksburg and look for some leather string that he's looking for to finish his walking stick. I chose Fredericksburg. It was kind of a late start so our first stop was to find a place to eat. Our first choice was the Bavarian House Inn after we finally figured out how to get into the parking lot and walked in, there was a 20 minute. As I've mentioned before, we do not wait at restaurants so off we went across the street to the Catfish Haven....quite a difference! But OK! We both had the 3 piece catfish daily special. Now to explore the main street looking for a leather shop. We parked at one end and walked and walked and leather shop but about everything else in between. Sometimes he just surprises the heck out of me.....he was in no hurry to get out of there and it was his idea to go into a couple of the shops. However, didn't find what we were looking for so back to the Buckhorn RV Resort. Again, we sat outside for a while and then watched TV for the rest of the day!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Jimmie Rodgers and Great Weather

All morning I wasn't doing much....watching TV and knitting. Around noon, I finally took my shower and almost immediately Nolan asked if I wanted to go with him to wash the truck. At first, I wasn't going then I changed my mind. First on the agenda was to see if we could find Jimmie Rodgers house that he built when he lived here in Kerrville. Nolan had been searching for information about the house almost from the day we arrived here in Kerrville. He finally called a radio station and talked to a guy who knew exactly where it was. I took a couple of pictures:

Then I talked Nolan into letting me go to the Craft store while he went into a western store.....he was done a lot sooner than I was! I hurried up and we were off searching for a car wash. The one Nolan was thinking about was closed so we drove and drove looking for one. We saw a couple but things were so tight getting in and out that Nolan passed them up. Finally, Nolan found one and I got to sit inside and wait until he was done. Back at the trailer Nolan quickly put the hamburgers on the grill and we ate. After dinner we were sitting outside, the weather was sunny and warm; Kathy and Chuck stopped by and talked for a while. That's about it for a great day in Kerrville!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

I finally got up in time to catch some of the guys before they left this morning. So Lucy, Oscar and I headed down the street to say goodbye. I caught Mark and Dortha and Arlene and Keith before they left. I missed John and Brenda sorry....I'm not an early morning person. Back at the trailer Nolan wanted to go out for breakfast at the Mexican Restaurant so off we went.....this was Nolan's kind of restaurant.....a small, local type restaurant. It is really a good place to eat! We stopped at Walmart to get another steak cause Nolan decided we couldn't share the one we had bought earlier and then it was back to our home. I vacuumed and washed clothes and then the sun came out. I set up the dog pen and outside we all sat for the rest of the afternoon. Lots of activity in the park but didn't see anyone we knew. Steaks were great and I ate way too much......guess that's not something that's confined to the RV Dreamers get togethers!

Saturday, March 14, 2009


You never know what Nolan will want to do the next day or if he'll want to do, he announced shortly after I was back in the trailer from walking the dogs that he wanted to go to Luckenbach, TX, you know the town from the song. I'm always ready to take off so that's what we did....not a very long drive and we were there. Below is all there is to this town. We had kind of planned to eat somewhere there but the only food was a concession stand and outside picknick tables....way too cold for that. In the "dance hall", they had someone singing but Nolan wasn't interested in that so we took a few pictures and went in the store/bar for a look.
The post office/store/bar.
Side view of the post office/store/bar.
"Dance Hall"and concession stand.
That was it.....we were still hungry so on the way back we thought about stopping in Fredricksburg but it was way too busy for Nolan so we stopped at Wendy's in Kerrville. That was OK with me cause I love Wendy's chilli and I was still cold. Back at the trailer, it was more knitting and watching TV. About 7:00 pm Rollie knocked on the door and said we were invited to their trailer for chocolate pie but I was way too warm and comfortable to get out again so I thanked him and said not this time! I'm sure they had a good time as this group always seems to do.

Friday, March 13, 2009

RV Dreams Gathering and Cold/Rain Activities

Mar 13, Friday: I hate it any more when I have to get up before just waking up when Lucy decides it's time to get up.....I wake up early even though I have the alarm set....was awake from 5:00 am on. Got up at 7:30 am and turned on the hot water and turned the furnance up a little. The whole time I was getting ready, it was pouring down rain.....Nolan even agreed to take the dogs out later cause it was raining so hard. By the time I got to Dortha's they had decided not to go....I was relieved! I wasn't crazy about getting in and out of a vehicle all day for shopping when I didn't really have money I needed to be spending. So, back at the trailer I was getting more comfortable and Joe knocked on the door and said some of them were still going, did I want to go....I was definitely out of the mood by that time and declined. We then decided to go get the stuff I needed for the "planned activity" today.....we enjoyed the Eggs in a Bag so much and some of the group had not been here so we had decided to have breakfast for dinner tonight. Walmart here we come.....we ate breakfast at the McDonald's there and then did our shopping. Back at the trailer I was knitting and Nolan was playing solitare and he said he wanted to go to this mexican restaurant that we had been driving by all the time for lunch.....good choice! Back at the trailer I wasn't going to be late again so I fried the sausage early and had everything ready to go just waiting for 4:30 pm.....we weren't supposed to eat til 5:30, everyone must be slowing down.....only Dortha and Mark were there and no one else showed up until around 5:20 pm.....eggs were wonderful again! Thanks Mark for cooking. There were lots of goodbyes or see you laters tonight. Joe and Sherri, Rodney and Becky, Lynette and Mac, and Don and Cheryl will be leaving in the morning......Sunday morning, John and Brenda, Arlene and Kevin and Rollie and Gina will be leaving. Monday, Mark and Dortha's gonna be lonesome and quite around here!!!!
Mar 12, Thursday: During chat last night, we all decided dinner out again was a good idea. This time we were going to go to Mr.Gatti's. I spent most of the morning worrying about taking Lucy to the vet again...the skin infection was getting much worse. Finally, Nolan said we might as well take her. He stopped at a feed place in town and they recommended the Ark Vet Hospital cause the vet raises Yorkies. So I got an appointment for 3:45. We were a little early which was good cause of course I needed to fill out a form. While I was doing that I asked Nolan to hold Lucy....well he couldn't just hold her, he let her down....there wasn't any other dogs or cats waiting at the time. Well, that was a mistake, as soon as he put her down, she did her business in the floor.....Nolan found a paper towel to clean it up, HOW EMBARASSING WAS THAT!!! This vet basically said the same thing that the last one said....she is alergic to Texas!!!! So, after a steriod shot, some pills for her to take, more stuff for her ears, new flea medication (seems that this vet also said that Revolution was better than Frontline), and some shampoo we got out of there for $160......I won't be doing much more shopping at Walmart for the rest of the month!!!! Lucy was definitely worn out by the time we got back in the truck and not happy!
Isn't she so cute!!!
This time I wasn't going to be late....we left 30 minutes before we were supposed to be there. We were second to get there.....we had a great time talking and laughing with everyone but the food was not so great! While we were there Dortha announced that some of the ladies were going shopping tomorrow and everyone that wanted could go along. I initially said no thanks....remember the vet bill....but when they said there was a Michaels, I decided I would go. That means getting up early cause they planned to leave at 9:00 am. Off to the trailer and bed we went!
Mar 11, Wednesday: Not much going on during the day.....except more rain and very, very cold (for us). Last night we had all decided to plan a dinner out at Mamacita's.....yeah, no more fixing stuff to take, not one of my favorite things to do!!!! Mamacita's has to be about one of the best mexican restaurants we have ever eaten at....of course we were late again...we were the last onces there and they all were having a very good time again...of course, this group can't get together without having fun! Tonight was more special because it was Brenda's birthday and they had a cake for her and of course everyone sang Happy Birthday! I of course didn't remember the camera again but the rest of the group has lots of good pictures.

Mar 10, Tuesday: Nolan had asked me yesterday if I wanted to go out for breakfast but I needed to take a shower really bad and by the time I would have gotten around he would have been very impatient so I said no. But, today it came up again and he wanted to go to Lowes so he can work on his walking stick that he got while we were in the Big Bend needs a good sanding....I found a Log House Plan book and we were out the door of Lowes in record time.....I love that store and really like to walk around and see what I can fix or need to fix....Nolan doesn't enjoy that so much! The Lowes visit was after a lousy breakfast at Cracker Barrell....everything on Nolan's plate was cold and didn't even look good....I had my usual, "pecan pancakes" and they were wonderful. We still had lots of the day left and no "planned activities" today so off we went to the Museum of Western Art.....a great museum with lots of wonderful pictures and statues....a few statues are below:
Mar 9, Monday: This morning I noticed that Bob and Molly had started to get ready to leave. Morning was mostly cloudy and misting rain.....Molly stopped by before they pulled out and said see you later and invited us to visit them in Boerne where they are attending another gathering. We'll miss them alot! We spent about 2 hours in the trailer without electric.....that made my cheese dip in the crock pot not get done in time....I finally went on down and Nolan brought it when the cheese had finally melted. We were late again....most everyone wants to get to these things early...not us, we're always late! Still a good time with great people! Most of my day was spent finishing up this sweather coat I knitted for Carla's dog Maddie....of course Lucy had to try it on to see how it looked....what do you think? Lucy's not crazy about it!
Mar 8, Sunday: Sunday is the day I like to wash the sheets and today I decided it was time to wash the quilt that I use for a bedspread. So we were off to find a laundry mat with the large capacity washers. We found one and Nolan wasn't very happy that it cost $6.50 to wash it. Boy did it sure need it though....much better! Another trip to the grocery aka Walmart for more stuff to fix to take to the all these planned activities. Tonight we're gathering for Happy Hour at Rollie and Ginas. Had a request for popcorn again so that was easy......microwave popcorn with Longaberger amaretto mix sprinkled on top.
Mar 7, Saturday: Planned activities for today was a pot luck at the Big Red Barn in the Social Room. Nolan cooked a pork tenderloin on the grill and I made a blueberry cheese cake....both turned out really, really good. A couple of pictures from the group get together:
Ellie taking pictures of everyone and having a good time!
John (JB), Rod, Arlene, Gordon with his back to the camera and Keith.....all having a good time!Breand, Sandra, and Gordon waiting for someone to say "Let's Eat"!
Another fun event and way too much food.

Mar 6, Friday: Today's planned activities were 9:00 am Eggs in a Bag at the Social Room in the barn and then around 4:30 pm we are going to have baked potatoes and all the fixins. Wow, those eggs are sure good cooked that way. You put your eggs in a freezer bag with anything you might want mixed in it, i.e. ham, onions, bell pepers, bacom, cheese and there were more choices I just can't remember them all. You smash it all together in the bag and get the air out. Then drop the bag in a boiling pan of water and cook until the egs are not runny....they are really good. A great way to cook eggs! It was back to the trailer after that hoping the sun would come out....and it did....around 2:00 I went back to the pool to sun my back for a while since yesterday I didn't turn over like I should have. Nolan cooked the baked potatoes on the grill while I was at the pool. I came back just in time to get ready for the get together and off we went. Another great idea!

Friday, March 6, 2009

I'm Always Catching Up

Mar 3: Dortha said we needed to go to the Enchanted Rock State Park today.....I was not sure I was up for climbing a big rock so I did a little research last night and it looked like it was just a short climb but maybe a little steep. So.....I thought I would give it a try. It was a big, big rock!!!! Rod and Debbie asked us to ride with them which was good because the truck was not running exactly right. We have an appointment tomorrow to take it in to see what's wrong.....hope it's nothing big! Back to the rock! This is a picture from the bottom....maybe I made a mistake! we go!
Pictures to prove we made it to the top.....Dortha and Mark by the tree and Deb and Ellie in the front.
The view up there was was really, really windy though!!!
After climbing the rock we were all hungry so we stopped at Subway before making our way back to the trailer. Tonight the park put on a dinner of pork was really good for a small place and serving so many....I was impressed. After dinner they had Sarah Gretto (I think that's how you spell her name) who was born blind playing the piano and singing. She was amazing! Wow, what a day....I'm ready for a rest!
Mar 4: Nolan got up and took the truck in to see what was wrong with it....he had a 9:00 am appointment. Lucy actually let me sleep til 9:00 today....much better than the 8:00 or 8:30 that she has been waking me up at. She has an alarm clock in her that goes off every morning without fail....she starts barking right in my face and if that doesn't work, she starts pulling the covers off! Again, Rod and Debbie were hauling us it was to Fredricksburg to eat German. We met almost every one else at 12:30 to eat and then Rod and Debbie dropped us off to pick up the was just a rear U joint and it was covered under warranty so we were only a $100 poorer. Back at the park, we were having a campfire at Arlene and Kevin's trailer. Everyone showed up with snacks and drinks!!! The guys hogged the fire while I was trying to stay warm by Arlene's solar welcome light....didn't work!
Mar 5: So much going on that today I didn't want to do anything....started laundry and watched that all morning. Around noon the sun was shining and it looked so warm that I decided to go lay by the pool even though the cover was not off yet. Arlene had mentioned that she might go to the hot tub today so I was just going to wait for her to show up. However, Arlene never showed up but Kathy did. She sat by me for a while and then got hot. She decided she would go ask them when they were going to open the pool....within minutes a guy was back with the key for the cover and was uncovering the water....all you have to do is ask sometimes....much better! Kathy went to put her swim suit on and then we got in the water....warm 85 degrees. Molly and Bob join us and we sat around until the last minute until time to get ready guessed it, more food. This time we were at Donna and Keith's for "heavy" snack foods. Lots more food! I left around 6:45 to walk the dogs and I had ever intention of going to the Big Barn to watch Australia but after I got the dogs in I was too tired.....just read my email and watched TV. These people can wear a person out!!!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Moving and Wal Mart Finally

We were up and out of there and on the road by 9:30 am again. Long drive but we got to the park (Buckhorn RV Resort, Kerrville, TX) and set up by 4:00 pm. Walked the dogs over to where I saw Deb and Rod parked to say we were here. Several of the group were going out to eat but I still needed to give the dogs and me a bath! I'm really going to like this park a lot and we're going to have fun with the other RV-Dreamers that are here. P.S. I forgot to take pictures of the Lost Alaskan RV Park in Alpine before we left.

Today, we made a trip to Walmart, first time since we left Del Rio....that's a long time for us! Also, on chat last night the other guys decided we would have a potluck dinner tonight of beans and corn bread.....and whatever else anyone wants to bring. Of course I ate too much but it was fun meeting the others from our group that were not at the rally last year. Rest of the night will be spent watching TV and knitting.

Oh yeah, we have a plan.....we're staying here for the month of March, then on 1 April head towards Missouri. Should be back to Roby around the 3d.