Friday, July 30, 2010

13 - 30 July 2010

13 Jul, Tuesday: Very slow and uneventful day. Was gonna go work at Walts at 1:30 but Linda changed her mind so I called Jeanie a little later and offered to come up and help her with the U-Haul training. Spent an hour or so there and then home to chicken that Nolan had grilled for dinner. Watched TV and played on the computer the rest of the afternoon.

14 Jul, Wednesday: Nolan took Junior Wade,one of his hunting buddies, to West Plains to the doctor and Nolan got his boots fixed. I just stayed at home all day.

15 Jul, Thursday: Worked until close at Walts….very uneventful day!

16 Jul, Friday: Around 4:00 decided to go to the bank at Fort Leonard Wood and then to Lowes. Met Patti at Lowes and then we went to Catos looking for something to wear to the wedding.

17 Jul, Saturday: Opened at Walts and worked until 2:00. Patti and I decided to drive to Lebanon to the Dress Barn to look for something to wear to the wedding since she had a 20% off card. We both found something and had a great day shopping.

18 Jul, Sunday: Opened at Walts and worked until 2:00. Nolan and I were gonna go to the pay fish lake to eat but decided to eat fresh corn on the cob and tomatoes at the RV instead…..very good!!!

19 Jul, Monday: Slow morning, worked at Walts until close.

20 Jul, Tuesday: Met Brandi at Walts to help her with the kids at their dentist and eye doctor appointments. I went with Brenna into her appointment and had to sit in the chair with her but she didn’t cry. We pasted some time by going to Lowes, eating lunch at Wendy’s and some shopping at Wal Mart before the eye appointments. A fun day spent with the kids!!!

21 Jul, Wednesday: Cleaning day!

22 Jul, Thursday: Picked up Theresa Irwin and went to Springfield to try to help Carla with some of the things she was worried about for the wedding. We found shoes for the girls and a few necklaces for the bridesmaids that we may take back. We went to the book store and found a few gifts for the wedding. We basically had a good day but I don’t know that we calmed any of her stressing.

23 Jul, Friday: Went to Houston so Nolan could get his concealed carry permit started.

24 Jul, Saturday: Opened and worked until 2:00. Theresa and Kevin were playing in a coed softball tournament that was a benefit for Sherrell’s little girl so I went to watch a little bit of a game around 3:00. At 6:00 we went down to the benefit for her at the Lions club. We got the best carrot cake. There was a pretty good turn out and I think they raised around $4000 counting the softball tournament. This community sure does good things when someone is in need.

25 Jul, Sunday: Opened and worked until 4:00.

26 Jul, Monday: Slow morning and went to work around 1:30. Not a very busy night but time went by fast enough.

27 Jul, Tuesday: Another slow do nothing morning. Around 4:00 or so went up to Walts to give Jeanie her key and stayed to help her with the pumps that weren’t working very well. Bought drinks and snacks for the kids this week.

28 Jul, Wednesday: Hair appointment today for color and cut. Met Carla at Jessica’s and she worked on us both at the same time. My hair looks much better. Jessica joined us for lunch while we tried to come up with a schedule of things to do before the wedding…..Carla is feeling very overwhelmed. After lunch we went to the fabric store and bought fabric for the table squares then to her house to finish our list. Nolan met us there and we took off for home. We got Cara back home around 7:30…..a long day for her but she is such a good girl!

29 Jul,Thursday: Today was grooming appointment day for Lucy. We had to have her in St Roberts by 8:00. Cara and Brenna went with us…..Cain doesn’t like to go to town. We dropped the dogs off then went to McDonald’s for breakfast and played in the playroom for a while. Girls wanted to go to the play ground so we played there for a while then we needed to go to Wal Mart to shop for our picnic tomorrow. Lucy and Oscar was ready around 11:00 so we picked them up. Back at the RV, we ate a snack and I took a nap with the girls. Carla got her to do list done and sounded much better when I talked to her after she was coming home from her meeting. I told her she needed to just let a few things go and have fun and enjoy her special day now!!! We’ll see if that happens.

30 Jul, Friday: Cain, Cara, and Brenna arrived around 7:00. We ate pop tarts for breakfast and played around for a couple of hours then it was time to get ready to go to the creek for a picnic and some swimming. No one was at the bridge at Boiling Springs so we had the water all to ourselves for about an hour. We decided to cook our hot dogs and marsh mellows. Then it was back to the water for a while. Cara wasn’t feeling very well so we left for home around 1:30. Got back and got our dry clothes on then it was nap time for everyone! A fun day for me, hope the kids had fun too.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

8 – 12 July 2010

8 Jul, Thursday:  Hopefully last day of opening at 5:00 am.  Helped Linda with the order and ate lunch there.  Spent a couple of hours resting at the RV then off to Houston to meet Carla to discuss wedding stuff.

9 Jul, Friday:  Whoops, Doc got in late and I had to open at 5:00 am again.  Worked until Doc got there around 9:30 because we were supposed to meet Gregg and Lynette, some of our RV friends, in Mountain Grove.  Picked them up at 12:30 2010 001

and went to the Rockbridge Trout Ranch for lunch and just look around…..a very pretty and peaceful kind of vacation place for those who like to fish.

2010 012

2010 002 

Waiting for a table by the windows.

2010 008 2010 006

Still has an operating post office.

2010 003

in the General Store/Restaurant.

2010 004

Our table was about in the middle of those row of windows.  If you like trout, they fix it really well in several different ways……a little pricey but a neat thing to experience.

2010 027

They have the Grist Mill Club for drinks and food also, it overlooks the river.

2010 023

2010 028

From inside the mill building.

2010 019

Bank and other buildings around the area.

2010 013 2010 011 2010 015

Back home in time for Cain’s BB game but was way too tired to go.  Great day with good friends!!!!

10 Jul, Saturday:  Opened at 7:00 not so bad compared to 5:00.  Still tired but knowing I didn’t have to open at 5:00 am any more gave me  some energy and we took off for the Licking Car Show

2010 0342010 030

2010 032

11 Jul, Sunday:  Opened again and worked until 2:00.  Lots of stormy weather so Nolan didn’t get to grill the chicken we picked up yesterday for dinner…..just sandwiches for lunch.  Started catching up on laundry and cleaning.

12 Jul, Monday:  Got up and around to be at the store for UHaul training at 9:00.  Rest of the day was spent on the computer and cleaning.  Fresh tomatoes, cucumbers and onions for lunch and dinner…….nothing beats fresh vegetables.  Storms again but nothing serious.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

6 – 7 July 2010

6 Jul, Tuesday:  Opening this week at Walts means getting up at 4:00 am…..not my kind of work!!!!  But, it’s only for a little while so I guess I’ll make it a couple of more days.  Decided to make a trip to Waynesville for some shopping and get my nails redone.  Once we got back to the RV it was nape time so I would be able to make it to the kids ballgames… at 6:00, one at 7:00 and one at 8:30.  First was Cara’s game….she was a little bored!!!

2010 004 2010 006

So bored she decided to pick up hands full of dirt and rub on her pants to make it look like she played hard…..

2010 007

I missed her hit but here’s proof that she did hit the ball…..she’s ready to run all the way home….

2010 011

Next was Miss Brenna’s game……the coach was trying to help her by drawing a batter’s box in the dirt and she decided to draw her own…..

2010 014 

It took a couple of tries but she finally made contact…..

2010 015 2010 016 2010 017 2010 019

She was also pretty bored with playing the field!!!

2010 023 2010 029

2010 030 2010 031

Next was Cain’s game but these storm clouds called the game off.

2010 032

Back at the RV it was bed time so I could get up early again.

7 Jul, Wednesday:  Up and at it by 4:00 am again!!!  Uneventful day of catching up on computer and doing some UHaul online classes so the store can start renting UHauls.  Nolan cooked dinner and off to bed early.

Monday, July 5, 2010

3 April - 5 July 2010

3 April, Saturday: Walked the dogs and the yard was very, very wet, glad we got the RV in place, around 1:30 we went over to Brandi’s for Brenna’s birthday, good to see Carla again and of course Brenna was the center of attention

2010 127

Carla and Cara acting silly!

2010 123

Brenna finally got to open presents

2010 130 2010 141

And blow out the candles after we sang Happy Birthday. 2010 142

She had to try on the outfit Nolan and I bought her…..she was really cute!

2010 148

The the birthday girl took some pictures with my camera…..she took one of me

2010 162

One of Carla and Cara

2010 161

Glad to be home in time for her birthday!

4 April, Sunday: Easter, went to Walts for biscuits and gravy with Herb and Linda, talked to Linda about working again….doesn’t look so good for this year, back to RV around 10:00 to make banana pudding for Lunch and the big Easter egg hunt with the kids, Mom and Jim came and the kids had a great time hunting the eggs, around 3:00 we went down to the Tan Trough for Easter dinner with Nolan’s family….road was really muddy

5 April, Monday: Up and around with nothing to do……waited all day for phone and internet to be reconnected, cooked sausage, potatoes, onions, corn, and green beans for dinner, phone not connected at 8:00 p.m. the phone company finally told me it would be tomorrow

6 April, Tuesday: My Grandma Gay’s 90th birthday! Waited until 1:30 then called about the phone, the lady on the phone turned it on and said it would be ready in a couple of minutes, waited 30 minutes and it still didn’t work, called back and they said I should check the box outside and see if it worked, it did so I started looking for the problem, replaced the cord from the box to the RV and everything worked, Nolan mowed Patti’s grass, talked to Brenda, my Canadian RV friend, on the phone around 4:00, went to Mountain Grove for Grandma’s birthday, Patti, Nolan, and I met Daddy, Lester, and Vinita at the nursing center, Grandma was really happy to see us

7 April, Wednesday: Dropped Lucy off at the groomer’s at 12:00, went to Lowe’s, O’Riley’s, Wal Mart and lunch at Wendy’s, coffee at Starbuck’s waiting until she was done, picked her up at 3:00

8 April, Thursday: Cold and cloudy until afternoon and it was sunny, Went to Walts to visit with Linda around 10:30, bought some strawberries from Linda, Nolan got a pizza from Walts for dinner

9 April, Friday: Sunny, worked on my taxes all day, they are ready to be sent, finally took a shower and put on something besides my PJs, went to Cain’s BB game around 7:30

10 April, Saturday: Warm and Sunny, met at Brandi’s around 10:00 for a trip to Springfield with Brandi, Patti, and Brenna to see if we could find Brandi a dress for the wedding, first stop was Cheddars for lunch, then we met Carla at JC Penney’s found a dress right off and then started looking for shoes, found the best red shoes at Dillards, went to see the location where they will get married and discussed details for a while, Carla tried on her dress for everyone and we looked at her shoes, made it back home around 9:30, very tired

11 April, Sunday: Lazy, warm, sunny day, didn’t leave the RV, dreading the interview tomorrow.

12 April, Monday: Warm, sunny day, got up way too early to get ready for the interview for the General Clerk at Fort Leonard Wood, left trailer around 7:45, interview at 8:30, guess it went well, back home by 9:30, decided to go to Licking to check on mulch for Patti and get some bread, ate lunch at drive in, can get mulch at Success for nothing if we load ourselves, back to the RV by 1:30, watched Nolan pull out Patti’s rose bushes at the end of her house

13 April, Tuesday: Warm, sunny day, sent email to FLW CPAC for opinion on job, watched TV and played on the computer all morning, spent most of day emailing back and forth trying to decide if it would be OK to work for WESTECH, rode to Plato with Patti and Kelley to watch Cara play basketball, she made 4 points, played very good for only being in Kindergarten

14 April, Wednesday, Warm, sunny day, woke up at 4:30 to be at work at Walts by 5:00 a.m., way too early!, worked until around 9:00, drove to Houston to pick up my prescription, took a nap, ice cream at Walts then to bed early so I could get up early again

15 April, Thursday, Warm, mostly sunny day, up again at 4:30 to be at Walts at 5:00, left Walts around 7:15 to go to the new employee briefing/pick up packet for employment with WESTECH, start to work on Monday, 19 April, found a nail place in St Roberts to get my nails redone…..just so so, may find another place, lunch at Walts, finished my taxes and mailed them with the checks, Cain played basketball at 6:00 and won, bed early

16 April, Friday: Warm, sunny day, up again at 4:30 for work at Walts, helped out a little longer today in order for Linda to get all the groceries put up, went to Houston to spend a little time with Carla talking about the wedding, back by 5:00 p.m. for a rest before going to Cara’s basketball game at 8:00 p.m., Cara missed the ball and it hit her in the face and she got a bloody nose so she didn’t finish the game

17 April, Saturday: Lazed around until around 10:00, started getting ready to go to the musical Wizard of Oz in Springfield at the Juanita K. Hammons Performing Arts Center, great play and Cara had a great time, we picked up Carla and the beauty salon and were almost late, went to eat at McAlisters and then tried to get to Camping World before it closed, didn’t make it, stopped in Lebanon to buy shoes for Cara and a Wal Mart stop, got home around 9:30….great day

18 April, Sunday: Lazy day, Nolan got a truck load of mulch for Patti, got stuff ready to work at Walts at 5:00 a.m. then on down to FLW to start my new job

19 April, Monday: Up and to Walts by 5:00 am to work until 6:45, off to Truman Ed for training with my new Employer, WESTECH, as a data collector, got settled in class and Karen M (my new boss) came in and asked me to go with her…..the only one out of 25, she took me to the office where I will be working as a data entry clerk instead of a data collector, really more to my liking but I was excited and nervous to learn something new…..what they have me doing is not new…..I can work with Access and enter data all day without much supervision, didn’t do anything but meet everyone until around 2:00 p.m. then I finally entered some data (soldier demographics), home by 5:00, I was tired from getting up so early but I needed to wash my new shirts….yes, this will be the first job I’ve ever had that had a uniform, in bed by 8:30

20 April, Tuesday: Didn’t get up so early, made it to work and everyone else was already there….will have to arrive a little bit earlier tomorrow, entered data and corrected other clerks errors all morning, then ate lunch in the office, nothing to do all afternoon, Karen let me leave at 3:30, great people to work with, nothing but relaxing after I got home, talked to Carla and her eye surgery went OK, she was really tired and sore

21 April, Wednesday: Up early and on my way to work….entered data for a little while, then just watched everyone else, nothing happened after I got home

22 April, Thursday: Work again, same as yesterday mainly except the main guy (Paul) who gives me work got really upset cause I found an error in the numbering system and was trying to fix it and I guess he didn’t think I could……one of the other clerks does the numbering and handing out PIN numbers…..she got some confused, we were working through it, she was confirming and getting it straightened out and he found out and went ballistic….wasn’t that big of a deal, went straight from work to Walts to work and closed, straight home to bed….I was tired, I missed Cain’s basketball game

23 April, Friday: Guess Paul stayed late and fixed the mix-up with the help of some of the others……I really don’t know what happened, when I came in the records who didn’t have PINs had them and no one explained what happened, I think I should have kept my mouth shut, not much going on in the morning, we had a lunch for everyone, then I went to a class with Paul to hand out questionnaires with two other clerks, then I entered them all, went home early and got to Cara’s basketball game in time, she played at 5 and 8 and Cain played at 7, Mom game down for the games, the kids really played good

24 April, Saturday: Got up around 9:00 and went to Patti’s to talk to Mom for a while, Patti cooked hamburgers and potatoes for lunch, Mom left around 1:30, I went to the RV and started washing clothes, not much happened the rest of the day

25 April, Sunday: Nolan borrowed a car from Leon for me to drive to work and it needed to be cleaned out and I needed to go to Wal Mart so a trip to Houston Wal Mart was in order, ate lunch at Hardees and back home to wash more clothes

26 April, Monday: Another day of doing very little at work, did get another Data Entry Clerk in the group today, Judy Harmon; I worked with her in DAC, just spent most of the day explaining what little I knew about what was going on

27 April, Tuesday: Another day of nothing, went to Cara’s basketball game and then home to bed

28 April, Wednesday: Another day of nothing, office plans to have lunch as a group on Friday again so I made brownies to take cause I will be working at Walts tomorrow night and won’t have time, bed early

29 April, Thursday: Another day of nothing at work, hurried home to work at Walt’s, home around 9:30, went straight to bed

30 April, Friday: Another day of nothing at work, hurried home to go to Cain’s basketball game, dinner at Roby cafe

1 May, Saturday: Nolan went to Springfield with me, first on the agenda was new nails and a pedicure with Carla and Chago, lunch at Old Chicago, Nolan joined us, then to the mall for a little shopping, found flip flops I was looking for and a new purse, next was our 3:00 pm appointment with the florists/rental place for the wedding, Chago and Angela were with us and I think we’ve found the right place, under budget and Carla liked working with Shannon, Nolan and I left and stopped at Marshfield Wal Mart for a few things, then on home, wow what a long day

2 May, Sunday: Today was all about getting the laundry caught up, Nolan BBQ’d pork tenderloin and baked some potatoes, finished the laundry around 8:30, caught up on all the computer reading and off to bed

3 May, Monday: Another day of nothing at work, created the space layout diagram for Carla’s wedding

4 May, Tuesday: Worked on a few projects today at work but still nothing much, called Mom to see if she felt like coming to Bennet Springs Park for Mother’s Day and it looks like we’ll be going to Stover for the day Sunday, Nolan went to baseball game at Plato and I did nothing but relax in the RV

5 May, Wednesday: Stayed a little busy today at work, worked on Wedding spreadsheet and sent Carla my revision, she was in panic mode again, left early to attend Chris’ Longaberger Branch meeting then stopped at Wal Mart for a few things, found out that I will be working all night Thursday and in the afternoon on Friday, called Walts to let them know I won’t be able to work there tomorrow night

6 May, Thursday: Rested all day for my night of work, left for work around 6:15 p.m., stayed until 9:00 a.m., long night, not much happened

7 May, Friday: Didn’t have to go to work in the afternoon, tried to sleep most of the day, went to Cain’s basketball game

8 May, Saturday: Nolan went to tractor pull in Cabool and I stayed home by myself all day, washed clothes and cleaned a little

9 May, Sunday: Up and on our way to Stover by 8:30 a.m., lunch at Mom’s then left for home around 3:00

10 May, Monday: Rainy all day, needed to get some propane and groceries so we made a quick trip to Houston and ate lunch at the Mexican restaurant there….not really very good this time, back to the RV to put everything away and get ready for work….yes, I will be working nights during the test phase of this job 7:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m., boy was it a long night, still not much to do.

11 May, Tuesday: Got home around 9:00 a.m. and went directly to bed, slept until 4:30 only waking up once….I was surprised to be able to sleep so well during the day, back to work at 7:00 p.m. and actually worked some, more than any other day so far since starting the job.

12 May, Wednesday: Got home around 8:00 a.m. and again went directly to bed again, woke up a couple of times but was able to go back to sleep and finally out of bed around 4:30, do not work nights today so I played on the computer and watched TV while Nolan went to a high school baseball game

13 May, Thursday: Worked days today, then from 5 until 9:30 at Walts, nothing else today

14 May, Friday: Worked until 12:30 today, stopped at Walts on the way home, Nolan was there so we went to the cafe for lunch, back to the RV for the rest of the afternoon.

15 May, Saturday: Stopped in Raymondville to order flowers for memorial day on our way to Springfield to help Carla some more with the wedding, paid a deposit to the floral place, bought hair piece and piece for dress, bought brads for programs, ate at Steak and Shake and then home….long day

16 May, Sunday: Slept until the dogs got me up, made brownies to take to Leon and Paula’s for Jacklyn’s nursing school graduation celebration, home to the RV for the rest of the afternoon

17 May, Monday: Worked during the day today, nothing else much today

18 May, Tuesday: Dinner at cafe (hamburger steak) worked from 7:00 p.m. to 7:30 a.m.

19 May, Wednesday: Slept, all morning, worked from 7:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m.

20 May, Thursday: Cara’s kindergarten graduation at 8:30 a.m.

Went to sleep for the rest of the morning, worked from 7:00 p.m. to 7:30 a.m

21 May, Friday: Slept, all morning, dinner at Cafe (catfish), worked from 7:00 p.m to 6:30 a.m. Sat

22 May, Saturday: Slept till 2 or so, went to Beaver Creek for dinner with Patti and Kelley, went to Patti’s to see the kids, they were staying all night with her

23 May, Sunday: Woke up with a very sore shoulder, laid around most of the day, went to Patti’s to see the kids who were staying all day with her because Brandi left TDY to VA and Chris was working, dinner was Spanish rice and chicken, very warm day

24 May, Monday: Day off, cleaned and washed clothes, ate dinner at Walts

25 May, Tuesday: 12 hour day at work today, just a little work and the rest was spent trying to look busy….I don’t do that well.

26 May, Wednesday: Another long day, not much to do

27 May, Thursday: Long day at work, conducted the final questionnaire and had to input the data before going home, went home around 6:00

28 May, Friday: Last day of work, didn’t have to wear those awful shirts, no work to do, got to leave around noon, went to get a pedicure and my nails redone, Nolan grilled steaks

29 May, Saturday: Went to Wal Mart around 1:30, ate a salad at Miller’s Grill, went to Brandi’s to take her a birthday card

30 May, Sunday: Got around and went to all the cemeteries, visited with Patti for a while and Nolan grilled pork chops

31 May, Monday:

1 Jun, Tuesday: Worked at Walts from 3 until 9, did some internet shopping for the wedding

2 Jun, Wednesday: Worked at Walts from 3 until 9

3 Jun, Thursday: Worked at Walts from 3 until 9

4 Jun, Friday: Worked at Walts from 3 until 10

5 Jun, Saturday: Picked up Cain, Cara, and Brenna at 5:00 and took them to the fish lake for dinner

6 Jun, Sunday: Cooked steak in mushroom soup in crock pot for dinner, Felicia and Jeff stopped by to see our trailer, Nolan mowed grass and put in new heating element in hot water heater….didn’t fix the problem

7 Jun, Monday: Trip to Lebanon to order new air conditioner, stopped at grocery store and lunch at Steak and Shake, got the mobile printer I ordered for the wedding and tried it out….pictures have streaks in them so I guess I’ll send it back, watched Cain play baseball at 7:00

8 Jun, Tuesday: Lazed around all day, ate salad for lunch at Walts, more internet shopping for the wedding

9 Jun, Wednesday:

10 Jun, Thursday: Went to work at Walts at 3:00

11 Jun, Friday: Went to work at Walts at 3:00

12 Jun, Saturday: Opened at Walts, went to Lebanon to pick up air conditioner, ate Mexican

13 Jun, Sunday: Opened at Walts, went to auction at Anna Marie’s with Mom and Patti, bought $110 worth of stuff and nothing for myself….it was really hot, Patti fixed dinner for everyone

14 Jun, Monday: Went to cemetery with Mom and ate lunch at Roby cafe, Watched Cain play baseball at 7:00

15 Jun, Tuesday: Went to see Grandma in Mountain Grove and went to Wal Mart, stopped by Doc and Linda’s to see Ginny and had to take Ginny to the emergency room to get her toe nail pulled off, she got it caught on a filing cabinet when she was trying to move it.

16 Jun, Wednesday: Worked at Walts from 9:00 til 12:00, Nolan fixed the electric hot water heater but the thermostat still needs to be replaced

17 Jun, Thursday: Went to work at Walts at 2:00 and closed, Nolan put in the new air conditioner

18 Jun, Friday: Mailed invitations to Carla’s wedding with wrong time on them…..guess we’ll have the wedding at 6 instead of 7:30 as we planned, went to St Roberts to have lunch with secretaries I used to work with but I was late leaving Walts so I just visited with them for a while, got my nails filled and came home.

19 Jun Saturday: Started storming at 3:45 in the morning, Nolan had to get up and put the awning in, never fails if he leaves it out the wind blows too strong in the middle of the night, Opened at Walts and worked until 2:00, Patti made home made ice cream for Father’s Day

20 Jun, Sunday: Worked at Walts until 3:00

21 Jun, Monday:

22 Jun, Tuesday:

23 Jun, Wednesday: Trip to Lebanon for thermostat for hot water heater, lunch at BBQ place at Bennet Springs, cancelled with Linda to go get a pedicure

24 Jun, Thursday: Work at 3:00 and closed

25 Jun, Friday: Went to work at 11:30 so Linda and Doc could fly to Utah, worked until 3:00, was too lazy to go to Cain’s game

26 Jun, Saturday: Opened and worked until 2:00, Patti had the kids so Brandi and Chris could have a party for Grant, we all loaded in the truck and went to the pay lake for dinner and then stopped at Walts for ice cream

27 Jun, Sunday: Opened and worked until 2:00, quick trip home and then to Patty Creek for a get together with Nolan’s family, sat in the creek to cool off, it was so hot.

28 Jun, Monday: Work at 10:00, red beans and rice for dinner, Brenna’s game at 6:00 and Cain’s at 7:00

29 Jun, Tuesday: Work at 10:00, was gonna go to Cara’s game but Patti thought it was at 7:00 and then at 6:30 she said she looked at the schedule wrong and in was really at 6:00 we missed it, Nolan grilled hamburgers for dinner

30 Jun, Wednesday: Work at 9:30 so I could be there when the food order needs to go in, worked until 3 and Nolan cooked ribs

1 Jul, Thursday: Work at 3:00 til close

2 Jul, Friday: Worked at 10:00, Mom was visiting at Patti’s and we all went to Cain’s ballgame at 7:00

3 Jul, Saturday: Opened at Walts, Patti had cook out for her kids birthday, kids played in the water, and kids shot off some fireworks2010 011 2010 017 2010 042

Oscar and Lucy had a lot of fun outside also!!!2010 016

Karen and Brenna sitting in the truck eating.

2010 089 2010 097

Brenna got in trouble and had to sit for a while….not fun! 2010 099

Sparklers stuck in the tree….2010 121

Can’t decide what to do next! 2010 119

4 Jul, Sunday: Opened at Walts, went to Travelling Vietnam Memorial Wall at Cabool, then to Wal Mart

5 Jul, Monday: Worked at Walts from 10:00 til 3:00, I sure do need some rest!