Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Texas is Much Warmer

Saturday, 24 Oct: Today was a big Wine Festival at the Marketplaz in Fredericksburg and also a big Motorcycle Rally at Luckenbach which is real close to our RV park. We drove downtown and there were so many people you couldn't hardly drive down the highway let alone fine a parking place. We just made a circle and came back to the RV and I made tacos for lunch. Later in the day we decided to go check out the motorcycle rally and that was also very crowded. The whole field they use for parking was full. They also were charging $10 a person to enter so we just made a circle there also and headed back to the RV. We'll wait til things calm down a little before we venture out again.

Sunday, 25 Oct: Wine Festival was only on Saturday so we decided to go downtown and walk around for a while. Went into a couple of stores and then Nolan took me out to eat a Mamacitas. What great mexican food! It was such a nice day that I set up the dog pen and I sat outside with them and read for a while until the sun started going down and it got cold. Love this warm weather!

Monday, 26 Oct: Rained all day.....early afternoon Nolan decided he wanted to go get a cup of coffee somewhere and I wanted a slice of pie. We started out on Main Street but when we saw the menu outside of one place and the pie was $5 a slice, we went to another store on a back street that we had seen that was a pie store. Pie was still $4.95 a slice so Nolan only got coffee and I ate the pie. I had German Chocolate Cream Pie. Sure was good but I don't know if it was $5 good or not. It was cold and rainy so we just spent the rest of the day in the RV.

Tuesday, 27 Oct: Today was hair cut day. Nolan decided he was gonna find a barber and I was going to the post office. Post office was first and then we found the barber. We then decided to try the Catfish Haven that we had eaten at last year. We both had their catfish dinner.....not wonderful but not bad. Nolan was going to ask the barber about a washer repairman and forgot so we stopped back by and then we were off to find the repairman's shop. Nolan just needed to ask him some questions about the machine making so much noise when it stops spinning. The repairman seemed to know what he was talking about and when we got back to the RV, Nolan pulled the machine out and took a look. Couldn't really find anything wrong so I printed out the parts diagrams from online and Nolan went back to talk to him again. While Nolan was doing all this, I again took the dogs outside in their pen and read my book some more! Nolan decided to order some parts from the repairman tomorrow and hopefully that will fix the washer problem!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Tuesday, 20 Oct: More wind and cold. Went out for breakfast at Johnnie's Grill in El Reno and made a stop at Wal Mart. Decided we would go out for pizza for dinner and that was about it for our day except for playing on the computer and rocking in the wind.

Wednesday, 21 Oct: More wind, cold, and now rain.....we didn't leave the RV all day!

Thursday, 22 Oct: Up and around, no rain and very little wind! Made in to Stephenville, TX, at the Lost Creek RV Resort. Very nice park but a little expensive for our tastes. It was $26 a night and we like to stay under $20. Dogs were exhausted and I was hungry! Passed a BBQ place on the way in that we went back to and I had a great ham sandwich. I managed to talk Nolan into finding a DQ so I could have some ice cream.....great ending to a much warmer and calm day!

Friday, 23 Oct: Yesterday I had called the Lady Bird Johnson RV Park to see about staying a week. They were booked because of a Wine Festival in Fredericksburg so we looked around online for another option because we were sure all the other parks would be full also. Decided we would go to Sowell Creek RV Park in Comanche, TX; or Brownwood; or Brady. When I got up this morning I decided to call the Hill Country RV Park in Fredericksburg to see if they were full also. They had 3 sites left so I reserved one for a week. It's only $100 a week just like Lady Bird Johnson RV Park. Sure glad I did, when we got here the sign at the office said full! We stopped for a sandwich on the way today so we're planning to eat leftovers for dinner. Dogs have been sleeping since we got settled. Not too bad a place for the price, we'll see if we stay a little bit longer....lots to see and do around here!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Moving.....Not Yet

Friday, 16 Oct: Sat around all day and then about 3:30 we left for Charlcie and Kenneth's for dinner. Great stew and cornbread!

Saturday, 17 Oct: Nolan again met Curtis and they ran around all morning while I had a day to myself.

Sunday, 18 Oct: Met at Charlcie and Kenneth's to got to a couple of estate sales. I had never been to one of these before.....I think it's a cross between a hugh yard sale and an auction. You go into the person's house and everything in there is priced for sale. We enjoyed ourselves but didn't buy anything. They again took us out to dinner at Luby's this time.....ate way too much but it was good! Said our goodbyes as we planned to leave for Amarillo tomorrow.

Monday, 19 Oct: Wind blew all night and we were slow to get around.....wind was still blowing so we decided to stay put. Went out to eat breakfast and then for a drive around El Reno. Found a Wal Mart and stopped for milk and water. Sat in the RV and listened to the wind until about 3:30 then we went out for Pizza. Wind is still blowing but not as much; hopefully, it will quit soon and we will pull out tomorrow.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Scenic Drive

We had decided today we would take a drive to Red Rock Canyon and Meers, OK. We started off the trip by stopping at Cherokee Trading Post......lots and lots of western stuff to buy. Charlcie, Nolan's sister, bought me a very nice small hand woven blanket that I put under a basket on our dining room table.

This was a mural painted on the side of one of the buildings at Cherokee Trading Post. Very pretty!
Then we were on to Red Rock Canyon. Nolan and I had thought about staying here and I really wished we had......no sewer hookup but they had electric and water. It was so pretty in the canyon. Charlcie wanted some walnuts so they all got out and tried to pick up some good ones.....we'll see!
Then we headed toward Meers, OK, for lunch. The only restaurant there was definitely a great tourist attraction! It was an old store that they had kept building on to turned into a great hamburger place. We had to wait around 45 minutes to get seated. Had a regular cheeseburger and fries and homemade ice cream for desert. Really good. The Meers Burger that most were ordering was huge!
Nolan standing in the entranceway to the restaurant.
After lunch Charlcie wanted to drive to the top of Scott Mountain. This was taken from the top.....what a beautiful day for a drive!
All along the road to the top of the mountain were these very pretty purple flowers!
Got back to the trailer around 5:00 p.m.......just in time to take the dogs out and Nolan went up to the Casino to make an appearance.....and won a little, very little!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Catch Up

Friday, 9 Oct: Rain and more rain! Did finally decide that we would spend the next night in Guthrie, OK, at the Cedar Vally RV Park and then start out early for the Lucky Star Casino in Concho, OK, to see if there would be a free parking spot available.

Saturday, 10 Oct: Nice day for moving.....NO RAIN! Got to the Cedar Vally RV Park and checked in at the Passport America (PA) rate for $11. Very level sites with grass in between the sites. Seemed like a park that people just stopped for a one night stay. It's right next to a nice looking golf course but sits on top of a hill.....Nolan said there would be lots of wind. PA rate is only available for one night or we might have stayed another night. We saw that the oldest saloon was in Guthrie so we decided to go find it.....we found it CLOSED and FOR SALE. Shucks! That was about it for the day!

Sunday, 11 Oct: We got around and took off for Concho, OK. It's very close to where Nolan's sister lives in Yukon, OK, so if there is a site available it will be perfect for our visit. Got here and there were severall sites available and after being here for a few days, we made a good decision to get here in the morning.....by 5 or 6 each evening, it fills up with "one nighters". There are only 10 sites but they have full hookups and don't really care how long you stay if you come play in the casino. Nolan has been up there several times but so far I haven't made it there. It's defintely no place you would want to stay for very long but nice that is free. There's a lot of grass behind the trailer to walk the dogs and if it wasn't raining every day, not so bad. Nolan's sister called about an hour after we got set up and wanted to know where we were. Told here we were here and within a few minutes she called back and wanted her family and us to go out to dinner. We met at her house and then went to eat.....great to see them all again!

Monday, 12 Oct: Decided we needed to go to Camping World to see what they could tell us about the gas line and look for some washers for the water hose. Found the washers but they couldn't tell Nolan anything more about where he might find a gas line. Nice drive through town and to some of the places Nolan used to remember. The rest of the day we just laid around and did nothing.

Tuesday, 13 Oct: Nolan got up and met an old friend for breakfast. Needed groceries so off to our favorite store, Wal Mart. We decided to check out the Chisholm Trail Museum in Kingfisher, OK. Nice museum with lots of stuff. When we got back I talked him into cooking dinner.....fried potateos with sausage, onions, corn, and green beans mixed in. Very good! That was about it for the day.

Wednesday, 14 Oct: Today the plan was to meet Nolan's sister at the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum where she volunteers as a tour guide. She got us in free and then had a tour so we went off on our own. Great museum but it is really big....takes a long time to go through. Nolan and I enjoyed our visit there. We then decided to go out to Pops for a hamburger. What a neat place.....over 500 flavors of pop and really good sandwiches! I had a blackberry soda and Grilled Onion Burger.....Great and a fun place! Made it back to the trailer around 3 pm and I think Nolan and I are both getting sick.....really tired and stomachs don't feel so good....we'll see what tomorrow brings?

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Museums and More Museums

One of our favorite things to do is go to museums; the small kind that you find in out of the way places.

Wednesday are goal was to go to the Tom Mix Museum in Dewey, OK. Not a very big place but had lots of interesting stuff in it. We really hadn't planned to go but across the street was the Dewey Hotel Museum. Great building with three floors of antiques and stuff. One of the rooms on the third floor was supposedly used to secretly play poker. Bank could be seen out the windows so the local sheriff could watch out for possible robbers. Warm and sunny day; great for getting out and about.

However, today when we got up it was raining cats and dogs and continued all day. We did not let that change our minds; we headed for Claremore, OK, to see what was in the Will Rogers Museum. Great facility.....huge and very nice! They show his movies all day in a theater in the building. It's lots of fun to see all the pictures and memorabilia.

Well since we were close we again went the the J.M. Davis Museum. This museum is amazing......tons and tons of guns that J.M. Davis collected. There is also several other collections there but nothing compared to the guns. Nolan loves guns and knows lots about them and both this time and the last time he didn't make it through every isle. I of course looked at some but mostly they all looked the same to me.....either a pistol or a rifle.

In between museum we ate pizza and it was still raining. Most of the way back to our trailer, it was still raining. About 5:00 p.m. it was still raining but the dogs had to go outside.....I got soaked and so did they!

Not sure what we're doing tomorrow but have I said how much I like this lifestyle!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Rainy Day Travel

I guess I was in such a hurry to get somewhere that I got too impatient. Rain was supposed to be stopping and it had for a bit so Nolan said he didn't care what we did so I said lets get going. So around 9:00 yesterday we started packing up to go. We were ready by 10:00 to leave but Nolan was soaked and not a "happy camper". Getting ready in the rain was not a good idea. It also was raining as we took off and rain on us for about another 2 hours and......we were driving on a curvy, narrow road. Nolan is such a good driver but I think he was stressed a little and getting someplace else was not that important. We made it safe and sound to the Riverside RV Resort in Bartlesville, OK. When we got here I asked the owner if we could possibly stay another night making in 4 nights instead of 3. She was so nice and worked things so we could spend the extra night so maybe we won't have to travel in the rain. Don't know what in store for the next 3 days but I'm just happy to be "out and about".

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Plato PTO Carnival

Saturday, we were up at 6:00 am and started getting ready to head back to Roby, MO, for one last visit before we take off for who knows where. Left the trailer by 7:00 am and got to my sister's by 10:00 am. Got her stuff for donating to the carnival and took it down to the school gym to be counted. Wow was there a lot of stuff being brought in. Carnival should be a success!

Back at my sister's we visited with my Mom, Brandi, and the kids. Had a great day eating and playing.

Then it was time to take off for the carnival. Lots and lots of people there and way too crowded, I guess that means it was a success. Stayed for about an hour and a half then we said our goodbyes and left for Branson.

Today, I spent most of the day with Carla going over her wedding plans and creating a timeline with a budget. She's so much like me.....wants to know how and when everything will get done. She's already way ahead of the game but not quite sure she is. Should be a great wedding and I'm really looking forward to August 6, 2010, my baby girl's "big day".

Nolan BBQd chicken for lunch in the rain. That's pretty much our day.....not a lot going on!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Another Great Day in the Ozarks

Not much on the agenda today other than making sure we got the truck washed, so out we went. We decided to stop at the Ralph Foster Museum and the College of the Ozarks. Nolan had been there several times but I had not and had said I wanted to go.
One floor was mostly full of gun displays that Nolan really enjoyed.
Also on that floor were several animal displays. Very interesting.
On the first floor was the Beverly Hillbillys vehicle that they drove in the TV series. There were also lots of glass collections and lots of antique furniture. Lots of very pretty stuff!

Really great museum for a very cheap admission fee of $4.50 per person. Three floors of tons of stuff. Another great museum!

We were then off to wash the truck.....it was cold and I didn't help....I should have but I was being lazy!

Back at the trailer Nolan began fixing steak and baked potatoes for dinner. A really great meal and a nice end to another good day.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

More of Branson

Today we really didn't know what we were going to do other than I needed to find someplace to buy some cellophane to wrap some baskets for the Plato School PTO Carnival that we would be going to on Saturday. So we took off and on the way Nolan said he would really like to see the 57 Heaven Museum; we had stopped to go yesterday but thought it was too expensive....almost $40 for us both. I told him to go ahead and stop. It was sure worth the expense. Great museum and would recommend everyone going if you visit Branson but on October 24th, they are having an auction and selling everything in the building. I would say almost a hundred cars and lots of other stuff.....everything that was around in 1957.....very interesting!

Just a few of the cars.....

This was a display of a typical home in 1957........everything was pink in most of the house. They had this kitchen, a living room, and a bathroom. That's a washer/dryer to the manikin's left....I thought that was pretty cool that it was built into the kitchen cabinets...those metal kind.
We were then off to find the shopping center that I had been to when I attended the RV Dreams Rally. We drove around a little but finally found it.....but first we ate lunch at Wendy's. I then went into Michaels and found everything I needed for the basket. Made it back to the trailer and had beans and ham for dinner. Great day....slow paced and relaxing.