Sunday, November 15, 2009

Good Friends and Good Times

Thursday, 12 Nov: Early this morning Chuck, on his way to the golf course, was knocking on the door with a note from Kathy to come over this afternoon for chicken wings. Waited until around noon and called to say we would be down and asking what I could bring. That of course was a good excuse to head to the grocery store for some wine and vegetables. Needed to stop at the post office so we decided to go to the HEB Plus down the road a little bit farther. What a big store….kind of like a super Wal Mart. Getting the wine was not such an easy job…..hundreds of different kinds at the HEB and I’m not a wine expert!!!!! Oh well, finally picked out a couple of bottles and made it back to the RV. Got to Chuck and Kathy’s and Chuck was grilling the wings then Kathy put the sauce on them. Then it was time to get messy…..if anyone knows how to eat wings without getting it all over yourself, I could sure use some pointers. Wings were great but the company was ever better! Thanks Kathy and Chuck.

Friday, 13 Nov: Nolan and I had planned to make a trip to Rockport to go to the RV Open House at Camper Clinic and see if I could pick up some Revolution (flea and heartworm medicine) that I use on the dogs. Last night we asked Kathy and Chuck if they wanted to ride along. We left around 9:30 and talked non stop all the way there. It’s so much fun to do stuff with another couple….not that Nolan and I don’t have a good time by ourselves, it’s just fun to do things with other some times. Stopped at the veterinary that we had taken the dogs to last year where I thought I got the first doses of Revolution…..well, I was wrong (I don’t say that too often) and they didn’t even sell Revolution for dogs. Guess I’ll have to find some place in Victoria that will give it to me. The Open House advertised free food but the line was soooooooo long we didn’t even think about standing in it. They did have a few vendors set up and Kathy and I found an Avon lady…..bought some Skin So Soft to see if that may keep the mosquitoes away!!!!! Looked at a few new Montana 5th Wheels….they sure are nice but I’m still happy with our Alumascape! Lunch…..we drove through the Last Resort where we will be staying in March so we decided we would just try out the Big Fisherman again since Kathy and Chuck had never been there. All of us but Nolan and the Mini Seafood Platter…..was pretty good!

I kind of wanted to drive on over to Aransas Pass but we were running out of time so we just drove back by the gulf in Rockport and started home! Nolan likes to drive back different ways than the way you first got there so we took another route home…..a long route home. So, we had to stop and take a break at our favorite place in Texas…..Diary Queen! What a fun day!

Saturday, 14 Nov: Really started out slow today……but I knew I needed to go find some Revolution for the dogs especially since there are so many mosquitoes here. Made a call to one place and he said sure they would sell it to me so off we went. As we were pulling out of the park, a funeral was driving by….we decided we would try to take a side road and go around……every time we came to an intersection where we thought we would get in front of them…..there they were. Ended up they were going to the same area we were…..veterinary was across the road from the cemetery. We wanted to go out to this Italian Grill that we had driven by several times and the parking lot was always full so I called Kathy and Chuck to see if they wanted to go with. A couple of hours before we were going out, Kathy called wanting us to come play a game and have something to drink. Played a few games of Mexican Train and drank a couple of margaritas. Chuck drove us to the restaurant and what a great meal…..I had a 5 cheese Tuscan pasta that was to die for…..another great day!!!

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Jim and Dee said...

It's great to see you having so much fun. I can't wait to meet up in March.