Thursday, December 10, 2009

Time With Good Friends, Move, Weather

Saturday, 21 Nov, the town of Victoria had their Market Days at the Riverside Park. Lots of local venders with lots of crafts and things to buy. Kathy bought a Christmas ornament and we all ate the best Tacos from one of the booths. Then we were off to see the movie, The Blind Side. We thought we were gonna miss it or maybe it would get sold out cause we had to stand in line outside for so long. However, guess everyone was there to see New Moon. What a great movie! Nolan was wishing for his ear plugs cause the previews were so very, very loud. I wasn’t sure I was gonna be able to keep him in the theater long enough for the movie to start. However, once the movie started, it wasn’t so loud and he even enjoyed it. Everyone was hungry after the movie cause we didn’t want to wait in line for anything at the theater so we stopped at a BBQ place. Nothing to write home about but we sure did enjoy the company!

Monday, 23 Nov, Nolan had read that the whooping cranes were coming back to the Aransas Pass Refuge. Chuck and Kathy had not been there before so we decided to make another trip to the refuge. Did not get to see the whooping cranes up close but we think we saw a couple from the tower in the distance. We drove around the loop this time and we saw an alligator and wild hogs along the road. I didn’t have my camera but Kathy did and after I quit screaming to stop Chuck took these pictures.

It was a gorgeous day! I was starving and there is absolutely nothing close to the refuge so we drove to Port Lavaca and found this Mexican Restaurant. Excellent!!!!

2009 003

2009 005

Tuesday, 24 Nov, was the parks “Ladies Lunch Out” day. Lunch was at Mumford’s BBQ, a place, if you were not with someone who had been there before, you would not think to stop at. However, the food was really good and I had a good time talking to some of the other ladies in the park. I was supposed to get the name of the restaurant, which is on the sign behind Kathy, in this picture…..sorry Kathy, I’m not the best photographer!

2009 006

When I got back to the trailer, I thought I saw blood on Oscar’s face so I looked in his mouth……not a pretty sight! I thought it looked like he had some kind of infection or something….his gums were very red and swollen. Nolan asked the lady next door, who is a permanent resident, for a recommendation for a veterinary. I called and the receptionist told me we could take him right then, so off we went. Vet seemed to think he just needed his teeth cleaned and maybe a few teeth would have to be pulled. He gave him an antibiotic and scheduled us to bring him back the next day. When we got home we decided we would see how much it would cost before we took him back in the morning.

Wednesday, 25 Nov, I called early to see how much in would be……with yesterday’s visit and the cleaning today, it would be $247. Kind of expensive but I really wanted to get it done. We dropped him off and Nolan dropped me off at JC Penneys while he went to Lowes and Academy Sports. We managed to mess around and eat lunch at Wendys long enough that it was time to go pick Oscar up. He acted fine and I was relieved! They did have to pull a few teeth but I have never seen his teeth this clean……and he doesn’t have bad breath. That in itself is almost worth $247!

Thursday, 26 Nov, Thanksgiving Day and I’ve really been missing Roby, MO, Today the park was furnishing the turkey and ham and everyone attending was to bring a dish. Good dinner but way too crowded and we missed our friends, Chuck and Kathy. They were not feeling so good and thought it better to stay in their trailer and not give whatever it was they had to someone else.

Friday, 27 Nov, Lucy started getting sick…..she was throwing up everything she ate. She was still full of energy, drinking, and trying to eat. I hate it when my dogs are sick!!! One bright moment of the day though was Kathy dropping off this flower for us…..THANKS SO MUCH!!!

2009 008

Saturday, 28 Nov, I told Nolan I felt like washing the trailer. It was nice outside so we started getting things ready. I was ready and willing to assist however I could but every time I tried to help, Nolan told me to get out of the way…..well, only so much of that and I get the message. I went back in the trailer!

Next mission for the day was to find a laundry with the large washers for out bedspread. Lucy had gotten sick on the bed…..YUCK!!!! First one we stopped at Nolan said was the worst he had ever been in so down the road we went! Finally found a decent one and were through with that chore and back to the trailer before O’Rielly came on. Busy but productive day.

I really don’t know what had gotten into me but Sunday, 29 Nov, I woke up with the need to shampoo the carpet. Sure looked a lot better after I got that done. Called Kathy to see what they were doing and we decided to go to eat and then another movie. We decided to leave early in case there was a line again. Ate lunch at the Texas Roadhouse Restaurant then went to the theater…….no line and we waited in the truck for about 30 minutes…..just can’t get it right. The movie “Old Dogs” was hilarious…..Nolan was totally embarrassed with my laughing. I think he enjoyed it too! Lucy was still sick!

Monday, 30 Nov, we called the office to stay an extra day because it was supposed to rain tomorrow when we were scheduled to leave. We also changed our plans and decided to move to Rockport not Choke Canyon… was gonna be to nasty. I stayed in all day but Nolan took the truck to get the oil changed. Lucy still stick!

Wednesday, 2 Dec, was moving day. I called early to see if we could get into Big D RV Resort in Rockport……he said they were pretty full but found us a site. Got there and set up before 1:00 and I fixed Cowboy Goulash, a new recipe for me. I enjoyed it but not so sure Nolan was impressed.

We woke up to snow and wind on Friday, 4 Dec, and Nolan was hungry for chili so we went to lunch at Chili’s Restaurant…..chili was terrible. Very cold the rest of the day so I only went out to walk the dogs and that was it! It’s supposed to be warm and sunny here! Did not feed Lucy the regular dog food but feed her cottage cheese.....she did not throw it up.

OK, that’s enough, it’s not supposed to freeze down here but on Saturday, 5 Dec, it did! We didn’t do much except Nolan decided to replace the water regulator so I would quit complaining about the water pressure…..there was none! Around 5:30 we decided we would try to find where we should be to watch the Lighted Boat Parade. We didn’t find the right spot and could barely see the few, about 8 boats, that were lighted up. Decided to go home instead of waiting until 8:00 for the Christmas parade and fireworks. Not very exciting! Feed Lucy more cottage and some of a can of organic canned dog food, chicken and rice....she still did not throw up. I think she's better!

Today, Tuesday, 8 Dec, we decided to try the $2.25 lunch special at Big Fisherman. Nolan had the chicken livers and I had the chicken fried steak…..really good for $10 including drinks and tip! Fed Lucy regular dog food and she is fine now!

Wednesday, 9 Dec, after reading about Linda Payne’s Christmas tree I was determined I was gonna find one also. We drove to Aransas Pass Lowe’s and here’s what I found…….isn’t it cute!

2009 011

Other than our normal laying around and doing nothing days as you see Lucy and Oscar in the pictures below, I think you’re caught up now!

2009 007

2009 012


Carla said...

Love the pictures of the dogs!! Your Christmas tree is really cute too.

Love you

Chuck-Kathy said...

Miss you guys! Glad tthe dogs are doing fine, and it does not surprise me that you are heading back for Christmas. Made it through Thanksgiving tho. Hope you will be able to get Nolan to come back, and hopefully it will be warmer by then.