Wednesday, September 30, 2009

We're on the Move!

Wow, we finally pulled out of my sister's back yard on Tuesday!
We had planned to moved to Branson on Monday but there were a couple of things that we needed to do before we could leave......antifreeze in the old truck for the winter, tires checked, dog pen painted, propane tank filled, and I can't remember what else but we stayed busy all day.
Made it to Andrew's Landing RV Resort in Branson around 2:00 and got set up. Weather is much better than when we were here last was snowing!
Wednesday we got around and took off to look at the other RV parks that I had thought about staying at this time. We drove by several others and for the price I'm glad we stayed here again this year.....$94.80 for a week, full hookups. We then drove down "76" highway with all the attractions and decided to stop at the Roy Rogers Museum. Here's Nolan looking at some of the many, many things in this museum. Very interesting!
We then decided to drive down to the Branson Landing. We shared a funnel cake and a pretzel while walking around.
We finally left so we could meet Carla at Lambert's for dinner. We all ate way too much but it sure was good!
Made it back to the RV and settled in for the night.....a fun day in Branson!

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