Thursday, October 1, 2009

More of Branson

Today we really didn't know what we were going to do other than I needed to find someplace to buy some cellophane to wrap some baskets for the Plato School PTO Carnival that we would be going to on Saturday. So we took off and on the way Nolan said he would really like to see the 57 Heaven Museum; we had stopped to go yesterday but thought it was too expensive....almost $40 for us both. I told him to go ahead and stop. It was sure worth the expense. Great museum and would recommend everyone going if you visit Branson but on October 24th, they are having an auction and selling everything in the building. I would say almost a hundred cars and lots of other stuff.....everything that was around in 1957.....very interesting!

Just a few of the cars.....

This was a display of a typical home in 1957........everything was pink in most of the house. They had this kitchen, a living room, and a bathroom. That's a washer/dryer to the manikin's left....I thought that was pretty cool that it was built into the kitchen cabinets...those metal kind.
We were then off to find the shopping center that I had been to when I attended the RV Dreams Rally. We drove around a little but finally found it.....but first we ate lunch at Wendy's. I then went into Michaels and found everything I needed for the basket. Made it back to the trailer and had beans and ham for dinner. Great day....slow paced and relaxing.

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