Friday, August 20, 2010

11-19 August 2010

11 Aug, Wednesday:  Went to Brandi’s to get my scrapbook stuff.  Decided that I needed all my stuff to work on Carla’s wedding scrapbook.

12 Aug, Thursday:  Went to town to wash our bedspread in one of those big washers and of course we did a little shopping at Wal Mart.  Worked on Carla’s scrapbook some more.  I’ll take pictures when I get done.

13 Aug, Friday:  Fixed spaghetti for lunch/dinner and worked on the scrapbook some more.  Brandi and her family spent the night at my sister’s/Brandi’s mom’s cause their air conditioning went out….I sure don’t know how people lived without it years ago.

14 Aug, Saturday:  Still working at Walts so I opened at 7:00 and worked until 2:00.  Visited with my sister and her grandkids for a while then it was nap time.

15 Aug, Sunday:  Worked until 2:00.

16 Aug, Monday:  Laundry and cleaning then I went to work at 3:00 and worked until 9:00.

17 Aug, Tuesday:  Brandi’s kids spent the day with us.  We got around and drove to the Waynesville City Park.  Forgot my camera but they have the best park.  They have a water fountain play area and a really good playground.  The kids kept going from one to the other until they were hungry then Nolan went to Wendy’s and brought back our lunch.  They played a little while longer then we were on our way home so the youngest could take her nap.  Sure is fun to have them spend the day….they start school Thursday so that will probably be the last time for the summer.

18 Aug, Wednesday:  Today we washed the truck, ate a wonderful lunch in Raymondville, got the papers for Nolan’s concealed carry weapon permit, stopped by Wal Mart, went to the license bureau to get the CCW permit and then to the grocery store….nothing the rest of what was left of the day.

19 Aug, Thursday:  Pretty boring around here especially when the rest of our RV friends are getting together in IN and we aren’t…….yes, I’m feeling sorry for myself!  I don’t think I even went outside today….Nolan walked the dogs and I just watched TV and played on the computer.


Jim and Dee said...

You'll be with us before long. I can't wait either to see you again. We'll keep you posted by the blogs on what goes on.

Anonymous said...

I know the feeling Donna Sue I am pouting too lol. I can't wait to see you again we have alot of catching up to do.

Miss you your Canadian Friend