Sunday, June 8, 2008

House For Sale, Longaberger, New Job

I'm so jealous after reading Howard and Linda's journal. Wish I were in Branson already! They are having fun and I want to have fun also.......Can't wait to meet everyone.

Well, lots has been happening around our house.

FIRST, Thursday, Jun 5, two different individuals stopped at the house to inquire about the FOR SALE signs in the yard. Both within an hour of each other. Since November 2006, we have only had the house shown twice by a realtor and only one other individual who stopped to inquire without a realtor. So, two within an hour was very exciting for me!!!!! of those that stopped by has actually called back twice. The first call was to see if we would take $150K and he talked to Nolan. I called the realtor and told her to contact him and to let him know that $160K was the bottom line. The individual interested called me back to ask why the realtor had called (we still have the FOR SALE BY OWNER sign in the yard). I explained that I was not comfortable handling the sale by myself (he had already explained to me that they were backing out of a deal that they were already in.....I don't want that kind of hassel). He said he understood and that he would be contacting his realtor and making an offer.......I'm trying real hard not to get excited.......

SECOND, Friday, Jun 6, as you all know my hobby is selling Longaberger. It really is a hobby but could be a profit making business if I really worked at it a little. Well, since I have been so bored without the girls everyday. I decided to work at it a little. So, I conducted a home show at a friends on Friday night. I knew she liked Longaberger; and, you have to like Longaberger because it is a little expensive. She had six people at her party and I booked 2 more shows for sure and will probably have 3 more. That will keep me busy for the next 2 months. And, she had $510 in guest sales. WOW, what a great show!

THIRD, Saturday, Jun 7, I started training for my part time job at the local convenience store that I can see out my kitchen window. How convenient!!!! I can even walk to work. I will be opening on Saturday and Sunday (7:00 until 2:00). How fun.....I will get to see all the local people (everyone stops there to get gas and sodas). This will be my social time! However, I'm a little nervous. I've never worked in retail before. I get a little nervous when I have people waiting cause I can't find the right button on the cash register. Guess I'll get better or they will learn to wait!

Well, I don't get to go to Branson until Tuesday night and it now looks like I will have to leave Friday night as they want me to start working by myself next Saturday and Sunday.

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Sandra said...

Wow! Things are really happening for you all at once!

I'm really excited and hopeful for the sale of the house and it sounds like you've got your free time sewn up for the foreseeable future!