Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy

Wednesday, 20 Jan, we decided to all go out for a late lunch at the Riverside Club. It was kind of slow but it was a non boat trip day and it was late. The food was really good and the location was right on the Rio Grande River. Nice afternoon for sitting out on their patio which we did for about an hour after we ate.

2010 001 Lynette, Mark, and Dortha Gregg and Mark 2010 003 2010 004 Lynette Lynette, Gregg, and Dortha

The next day we were off to eat AGAIN but this time we had to go early in order to get in line. Rumor has it that at this place when the hamburger is gone they close the doors and there is always a line, so, we left the RV at 10:30 for lunch. We met Kathy and Chuck there and I borrowed Kathy’s pictures of the outside and Chuck’s lunch cause of course I didn’t have my camera again! One of the best hamburgers I’ve ever eaten and huge! Nolan and I shared a hamburger and onion rings. Very good!

This is Chuck and his lunch.Gonzales 2

This is the outside of the place. No name on the building and no advertisement….but the word gets out cause there sure was a line! Gonzales 1

Friday, we didn’t have plans but around noon, Lynette called to see if we wanted to go to the Flea Market. We said sure so we were off. Got there and they aren’t open on Fridays but the Farmer’s Market across the street was so we went in. Bought some oranges and a fresh pineapple, boy was it good! Of course we were all hungry again so we had been wanting to try the Crazy International Buffett. Oh my gosh….way too much food and it was good food. Too many choices!

2010 001

Gregg and Nolan making their way back to the truck! Gregg and Nolan

Then it was Saturday, 23 Jan, Nolan’s birthday. We had plans to go to the Chicken House Opry for a 2:00p.m. show. First we ate BBQ pulled pork sandwiches outside and then we went inside for the show. Pretty good show if you like country music and corny comedy!

Outside eating.

Chicken House Opry 1

Chicken House Opry 2

Building the show was in.

Chicken House Opry 4Chicken House Opry 5 Chicken House Opry 3

These pictures I borrowed from Dortha and Lynette....thanks! After the show we decided it was time for a DQ stop for ice cream and we were gonna drive through a couple of other parks to see if we thought they would be OK for some other friends to stay in. There are hundreds of parks around here and a lot that aren’t advertised anywhere. We found a couple of possibilities and Lynette will share them with Arlene and Kevin.

Sunday, 24 Jan, we woke to very, very strong wind! We had plans to meet at Gregg and Lynette’s for dinner so off we went around 4:00p.m. When I walked in their trailer, there was Debbie and Rod who we had not seen since last March in Kerrville. We all had been bugging them to come to the valley before they went to San Antonio to visit her son. They kept saying they couldn’t but all along they were planning to come to the valley and surprise all of us. What a great surprise….got us all, we had no idea!

Deb and Rod.

Deb and Rod

Monday, 25 Jan, was another Mexico trip day. Kathy and I really wanted to get a pedicure. The whole group had planned to go but this and that came up so only Kathy and Chuck and Nolan and I went across the border. We picked up Chuck and Kathy around our 11:30 at the park where we stayed last year. Didn’t look like much had changed and our site was empty. Kind of wished we had stayed there….I really liked the people there. We will have to get over there for Happy Hour before we leave the valley. First thing on the agenda in Mexico was to eat. Kathy said the Red Snapper was a great place to eat and it was just down the street. We walked, and walked, and walked. Finally, up some stairs and into a crowded room on the second floor of a building we made it. The food was wonderful. I had garlic shrimp and Nolan had the fried shrimp. Both were excellent! Then we were off to find a place to get our pedicures; however, before we found one, Nolan stopped off in a barber shop for a hair cut. Next, we, Kathy, Chuck and I, all sat down for our pedicures. Only $9 and I saw them clean all their stuff before and after they used them! Fun! We dropped Chuck and Kathy off at their RV and hurried back to let the dogs out and then Lynette sent me a text saying to meet them at Mark and Dortha’s for a late Happy Hour. We sat in Mark and Dortha’s motorhome for a couple of hours and laughed and talked…..wow what a busy day. I’m ready to relax and do nothing!

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