Sunday, January 31, 2010

Eating, Eating, and More Eating

Tuesday, 26 Jan, Made a quick run to HEB, grocery store, then back to the RV to make a carmel cheese cake and baked beans for dinner at Mark and Dortha’s.  They were grilling brats and everyone was bringing stuff to go with them.  The place where they are staying all the sites are owned by people that then rent them out when they are not using them.  The sites have small buildings that you can finish however you want.  The one Mark and Dortha rented doesn’t have the building finished but it sure was nice to sit in while we ate….it kept the cold wind off us.

Gregg, Mark, and Debbie Lynette, Dortha, Rod

Wednesday, 27 Jan:  For Christmas we received a gift card for Red Lobster.  So we called Jerry and Leona and they met us for a late lunch.  While we were sitting inside waiting for them, they were sitting outside waiting for us.  Guess we got there before they did and it was about 30 minutes before I finally got Nolan to call…..we all had a good laugh and then enjoyed a great meal!

Thursday, 28 Jan, Debbie sent me a note that Happy Hour was at their RV around 5:00.  Gang got together for another good time of eating, laughing and talking.

Friday, 29 Jan, we took out to find a boot repair shop, Nolan needs new soles on a couple of pair and he wasn’t going back to the one he used last year since the guy and Nolan had a really hard time communicating…….Nolan doesn’t speak Spanish.  He talked to a couple of salesmen at a western store so I think he’s found a place to take them.  I’ve mentioned before that the Wal Mart and HEB are always extremely crowded and most times does not create a very nice shopping experience.  We had passed this K Mart that was close to our RV park so we decided to try shopping there this time.  What a difference!  It was almost empty and I had a great time looking at everything…..Nolan finally gave up on me and went to sit it out in the truck….I still had a good time!

Saturday, 30 Jan, Another get together but this time Gregg and Lynette were gonna bake potatoes.  I really have a hard time thinking of stuff to take so I looked on line for something.  I had some pretzels so I thought I would make a dip from scratch.  It was just OK….next time I think I’ll put more mustard in or maybe some hot spicy mustard. Oh well, something different!  Everything else that we ate was wonderful…..potatoes were cooked just right, Debbie’s Olive Garden salad was yummy, and Dortha’s german chocolate cake was moist and very good! 

Sunday, 31 Jan, When I got back to the RV last night, Leona and Jerry had called and invited us to breakfast for lunch.  We met them at Denny’s and wow what a crowd….waited about 20 minutes for a table; however, the food was really good and I love having breakfast!  Next was a trip to the flea market again.  Rest of the gang was leaving around 12:00 so we thought we might run into them and we did.  Dortha showed us the CDs for kids that have songs on them with whatever name you choose sung in the songs.  How cute!  I ordered two for my favorite little girls! Can’t wait for them to get them…..will send them in the Valentine packages.  Nolan was on the lookout for more books to read and he needed some more of the orange blossom honey that they sell there. I started feeling kind of bad so we made our way back to the RV and did nothing the rest of the afternoon.  Sure will be glad when it warms up again…..although I shouldn’t complain cause I know everyone at home is a whole lot colder!

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