Monday, January 18, 2010

Out and About With Friends

Wednesday, 13 Jan, Jerry and Leona, Nolan’s sister and brother-in-law, asked us over for dinner. She made salmon cakes with cornbread…..excellent.  They have rented a mobile home in the same park in McAllen that they were in last year and plan to stay here in the valley until the first of April.  Great time for us to spend some quality time with them!

Thursday, 14 Jan, was a down day with only an outing to HEB on the agenda.  Don’t know if I’ve explained what HEB is or not….it’s a Texas grocery store chain that always has excellent sales and a very good variety of product.  However, you should always be prepared to fight the crowds….always crowded!

Friday, 15 Jan, we rode over to RV Show with Gregg and Lynette and Mark and Dortha.

  2010 002Dortha, Mark, Gregg, Lynette Dortha, Gregg, Mark, Nolan, Lynette 

Nolan spent some time sitting outside waiting for us in the warm weather.

 2010 006    

Walked around the show for a couple of hours and decided that we would purchase tickets to go for a boat ride to see the dolphins.  We got the tickets for $16 cheaper for buying them at the RV show.   Should be fun!  We were off to Arturo’s for lunch to meet up with other RV Dreamers.  I had the best stuffed peppers but the service was a little lacking.


Lynette, Me, Kathy, Nolan, Chuck, Ed, and Marilyn.Lynette, Me, Kathy, Nolan, Chuck, Ed, Marilyn

Barb, Roger, Jesse, and part of Ginger.Barb, Roger, Jesse, Ginger

Barb, Roger, Jesse, Ginger, Dortha, and Mark.Barb, Roger, Jesse, Ginger, Dortha, Mark

After lunch we were in search of an indoor flea market that Lynette had saw in a magazine.  We finally found it after asking for directions at another flea market.  It didn’t show up on her GPS or on my iPhone.  We got there a little late as some of the booths were already closed.  Was a great fun day and the weather finally was what we were down here for--sunny and warm.

Saturday, 16 Jan, I had been complaining about the medicine cabinet door squeaking Nolan wanted to find the right kind of tool to take the back off our heater.  So, we were off to find a Lowes. While Nolan was looking for oil and the tool, I found a new spice rack for the kitchen.  I am so pleased with the new rack and the door doesn’t squeak anymore….I’m a happy camper!!!

Here’s the new rack extended.  It lifts up and pulls down so you can better see the contents.

2010 002

Here is the rack back in the cabinet.  I love it!2010 001

Sunday, 17 Jan, weather was too beautiful to stay inside so we left for the Don Wes Flea Market.  Nolan found his Orange Blossom Honey and one of those wooden back scratcher that I’ve been trying to get him to buy forever instead of scratching his back on the door facings.  Yeah!!!!  We walked around until our backs and feet were hurting.  Left to go find our favorite treat…..a stop at DQ for ice cream!  What better way to end a good day.

Monday, 18 Jan, we were off with the group again for a trip to Mexico!  We had a great day with friends and managed to get my medicine for over 2 years for $33.  Streets were really crowded and there of course was lots of things to look at.  We ate at Arturo’s, the Mexican one, and got much, much better service than we did from the one in the US.  Great food and fun day!  We made it home by 3:00 and we both took a short nap…..oh, the life of retirees….sure is tough!!!

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