Wednesday, March 24, 2010

14 - 24 March 2010

14 Mar, Sunday: Gave up and colored my hair, laundry, Nolan and I ate lunch at Big Fisherman, not so good this time….it’s hit and miss at that place, later in the day it was a game of Hand and Foot…Karen and I won!

15 Mar, Monday: Plan was to meet for breakfast at Jamas; got there and it was closed so we went to Alice Faye’s. I put on a pot of beans and ham then we sat by the campfire for a little while.

16 Mar, Tuesday: Rain and cold, lunch at Butter Churn Restaurant……great buffet, later in the day it was another game of Hand and Foot…lost both games…..Karen and I against Bob and Keith and Donnie and I against Mark and Keith

17 Mar, Wednesday: Free BBQ at the resort clubhouse, then the gang decided to have a St Patrick’s Day green food and games get together at the clubhouse at 5:00; Molly, Arlene and I won against Rod, Lynette, and Gregg

This is Donna and her green hair in observance of St Patrick’s Day


Molly in her St Patrick’s Day attire. Molly

Gregg in his green attire.


Donna and Molly

Donna and Molly

Lynette and Gregg

Lynette and Gregg

Bob wasn’t as colorful as the others! Bob

The three winners!

Gregg, Donna, Molly

Dortha with a green bow!

Dortha, Gregg


2010 005

18 Mar, Thursday: Breakfast at Alice Faye’s on the Bay with Arlene and Kevin, Bob and Mollly, Donna and Keith, and Donnie and Karen; headache took nap; Nolan tried to change the heating element but couldn’t get it loose; gathered at Gregg and Lynette’s for short time before dark, bed early

19 Mar, Friday: Everyone waited on me to get ready then we went to the Aransas Wildlife Refuge, rode with Kevin and Arlene, dinner at Ken’s, Mexican Train at clubhouse

Visitor’s Center at Aransas Wildlife Refuge2010 040 2010 023

This lake was empty in December when we were here…..what a difference!

2010 025

The main reason for visiting here is to see the Whooping Cranes.2010 028

Here we are trying to spot them….Arlene, Kevin, Donna

We did find alligators!!!!

2010 032

and deer

2010 038

20 Mar, Saturday: Nolan went to gun show in Aransas Pass, rain, everyone else went to clubhouse around 2:00 to play cards, we went out to get some things to drink and a Dominos Pizza

21 Mar, Sunday: COLD but sun was shining……gathered outside to make a plan for the day, went to the clubhouse for a game of Hand and Foot….Dortha and I won against Lynette and Arlene, went to dinner at Pepitos, great Mexican food, then another game of Hand and Foot at the clubhouse….Dortha and I lost against Bob and Donnie

22 Mar, Monday: Lazy morning cleaning a little, Late lunch was sausage and potatoes cooked by Nolan, around 2 or 3 went outside to sit and talk, others went to Panjo’s for pizza.

23 Mar,Tuesday: Met outside for a 10:00 trip to Mustang Island beach with the gang, Tom, Nolan’s friend met us there and we sat in the sun and talked for a while, ate lunch at Port A Brewing Company, home in time for salad potluck at the clubhouse, tired so we went back to the RV

Here’s the gang walking along the beachLynette, Dortha, Karen, Gregg, Arlene, Donnie, Molly Donnie

There were lots and lots of dead jelly fish2010 043

Kevin decided to see if he was good enough to enter the sand castle festival that starts in a few weeks….. Nolan, Kevin

I don’t think he’ll make it!!!!

2010 058

Girls showing off their pedicures!2010 045

All the guys looking a little bored!Nolan, Mark, Kevin, Bob

Hard to see but these were some hand gliders we saw coming in for a landing

2010 068 2010 073

24 Mar, Wednesday: Lazy day of doing nothing but cleaning out the refrigerator!!! Cloudy and cool day!

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