Wednesday, March 17, 2010

23 February - 13 March 2010

Tuesday, 23 Feb: Very cold and windy, didn’t go outside

Wednesday, 24 Feb: Grocery run and Nolan cooked pork tenderloin for Jerry and Leona. Warmed up but still a little windy.

Thursday, 25 Feb: Around 10:00 we met Mark and Dortha for a bike ride through the Bentsen State Bird Park.

More pictures of those pig looking animals.






Picture of the bikes we road just to prove we really did ride.


The park boundary is on the Mexico border.


View from the Hawk Tower


I managed to ride the whole way around the park with no major problems until we were getting ready to stop in at the visitor center. I was riding on the sidewalk around a corner and didn’t quit make it. I fell over in slow motion in the bushes. I laughed so hard I couldn’t get out of the bushes. Dortha was right in front of me and couldn’t help me either!

That afternoon Kathy and Chuck hosted a BBQ because most of the group would be leaving for Rockport on 1 March.


After the sun went down it got cold so we went inside to visit for a while and Nolan amused himself by checking to see if the scales were accurate. Gregg was sure they were weighing heavy!


Friday, 26 Feb: Girls Day Out that started at the Vintage Team Room.


Part of the fun was that we all had to play dress up!

Kathy and Arlene


Anna, Kathy, Dortha




Kathy had a couple of good looks!










Mary and I had a hard time getting started…..


My first choice…..


My final choice….


The whole group!

20100226011_thumb 20100226024_thumb20100226025_thumb

Then we were off to see what all the talk about Ropa’s was about. This one was where everything was new….not so bad and the others did find a few things to buy.


This was the used one….not so good and we didn’t even touch anything


There are lots of people who do buy at these places and here is a picture of some people trying to stuff the clothes in their trunk.


Monday, 1 Mar: Moved to Last Resort in Rockport. Pictures of Lucy and Oscar while we were travelling. They are so much better with it than when we first started.


Everyone arrived safe and sound then it was Happy Hour at Rod and Debbie’s site.

Tuesday, 2 Mar: Everyone just settled in then we had Happy Hour at Gregg and Lynette’s site.

Wednesday, 3 Mar: Weather is wonderful, I sat outside and knitted most of the day. At dinner time we had hot dogs and marshmellows at camp fire.


Thursday, 4 Mar: Sunny but a little cool, Lunch at China A with Escapees and RV Dreamers, Mark and Dortha returned from Fort Worth where they attended a friend’s funeral….Dortha with a broken collar bone….she fell against a brick wall. Visited Debbie Goode’s trailer to see her decorating talents….she paints and had painted bricks behind her kitchen counter….they looked so real.

Friday, 5 Mar: Cloudy and cold, sick, Nolan and I went to Port Aransas to Mexican restaurant for lunch and then DQ for ice cream

Saturday, 6 Mar: Breakfast at Alice Faye’s, Wal Mart for Claritin D…..I think my being sick is allergies, sightseeing with Gregg, Lynette and Kevin, Arlene, Saw whooping cranes on Goose Island

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Charlie and Peggy arrived, Campfire at Rod and Deb’s

Sunday, 7 Mar: Cloudy but warm, Lynette flew home to be with her brother, Laundry Day, Au Gratin Potatoes for Pot Luck at resort activity building


Monday, 8 Mar: Rain, mosquitoes are out and eating me up, Molly taught us how to play Hand and Foot at the clubhouse

Tuesday, 9 Mar: Warm and sunshine, lots of mosquitoes, lunch at Big Fisherman with the whole gang, happy hour at Mark and Dortha’s, then Hand and Foot at the clubhouse…Debbie nicknamed Donnie PeeTee, she said it just came out.

Wednesday, 10 Mar, Wednesday: Nolan walked 5 miles, Nolan and I went to see Crazy Heart at the movie theater in Rockport……great movie, hand and foot….partners with Peggy against Charlie and Mark with Molly teaching Peggy and Charlie how to play

Thursday, 11 Mar: Donna and Keith arrived, Karen, Dortha, Molly and I went in to Rockport for pedicures and manicures, dinner was grilling hamburgers in vacant site, hand and foot partners with Karen and Deb….we lost

Friday, 12 Mar: Cleaned, sat outside in sunshine, campfire in empty site telling jokes…..those guys could go on forever

Saturday, 13 Mar: Sat outside in sunshine, Mark and Dortha’s kids arrived, Taco supper at Arlene and Kevin’s site


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Thanks for the update. It's perfect! Good to hear you're having a ball.

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Whew! Y'all have been busy!
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