Friday, July 30, 2010

13 - 30 July 2010

13 Jul, Tuesday: Very slow and uneventful day. Was gonna go work at Walts at 1:30 but Linda changed her mind so I called Jeanie a little later and offered to come up and help her with the U-Haul training. Spent an hour or so there and then home to chicken that Nolan had grilled for dinner. Watched TV and played on the computer the rest of the afternoon.

14 Jul, Wednesday: Nolan took Junior Wade,one of his hunting buddies, to West Plains to the doctor and Nolan got his boots fixed. I just stayed at home all day.

15 Jul, Thursday: Worked until close at Walts….very uneventful day!

16 Jul, Friday: Around 4:00 decided to go to the bank at Fort Leonard Wood and then to Lowes. Met Patti at Lowes and then we went to Catos looking for something to wear to the wedding.

17 Jul, Saturday: Opened at Walts and worked until 2:00. Patti and I decided to drive to Lebanon to the Dress Barn to look for something to wear to the wedding since she had a 20% off card. We both found something and had a great day shopping.

18 Jul, Sunday: Opened at Walts and worked until 2:00. Nolan and I were gonna go to the pay fish lake to eat but decided to eat fresh corn on the cob and tomatoes at the RV instead…..very good!!!

19 Jul, Monday: Slow morning, worked at Walts until close.

20 Jul, Tuesday: Met Brandi at Walts to help her with the kids at their dentist and eye doctor appointments. I went with Brenna into her appointment and had to sit in the chair with her but she didn’t cry. We pasted some time by going to Lowes, eating lunch at Wendy’s and some shopping at Wal Mart before the eye appointments. A fun day spent with the kids!!!

21 Jul, Wednesday: Cleaning day!

22 Jul, Thursday: Picked up Theresa Irwin and went to Springfield to try to help Carla with some of the things she was worried about for the wedding. We found shoes for the girls and a few necklaces for the bridesmaids that we may take back. We went to the book store and found a few gifts for the wedding. We basically had a good day but I don’t know that we calmed any of her stressing.

23 Jul, Friday: Went to Houston so Nolan could get his concealed carry permit started.

24 Jul, Saturday: Opened and worked until 2:00. Theresa and Kevin were playing in a coed softball tournament that was a benefit for Sherrell’s little girl so I went to watch a little bit of a game around 3:00. At 6:00 we went down to the benefit for her at the Lions club. We got the best carrot cake. There was a pretty good turn out and I think they raised around $4000 counting the softball tournament. This community sure does good things when someone is in need.

25 Jul, Sunday: Opened and worked until 4:00.

26 Jul, Monday: Slow morning and went to work around 1:30. Not a very busy night but time went by fast enough.

27 Jul, Tuesday: Another slow do nothing morning. Around 4:00 or so went up to Walts to give Jeanie her key and stayed to help her with the pumps that weren’t working very well. Bought drinks and snacks for the kids this week.

28 Jul, Wednesday: Hair appointment today for color and cut. Met Carla at Jessica’s and she worked on us both at the same time. My hair looks much better. Jessica joined us for lunch while we tried to come up with a schedule of things to do before the wedding…..Carla is feeling very overwhelmed. After lunch we went to the fabric store and bought fabric for the table squares then to her house to finish our list. Nolan met us there and we took off for home. We got Cara back home around 7:30…..a long day for her but she is such a good girl!

29 Jul,Thursday: Today was grooming appointment day for Lucy. We had to have her in St Roberts by 8:00. Cara and Brenna went with us…..Cain doesn’t like to go to town. We dropped the dogs off then went to McDonald’s for breakfast and played in the playroom for a while. Girls wanted to go to the play ground so we played there for a while then we needed to go to Wal Mart to shop for our picnic tomorrow. Lucy and Oscar was ready around 11:00 so we picked them up. Back at the RV, we ate a snack and I took a nap with the girls. Carla got her to do list done and sounded much better when I talked to her after she was coming home from her meeting. I told her she needed to just let a few things go and have fun and enjoy her special day now!!! We’ll see if that happens.

30 Jul, Friday: Cain, Cara, and Brenna arrived around 7:00. We ate pop tarts for breakfast and played around for a couple of hours then it was time to get ready to go to the creek for a picnic and some swimming. No one was at the bridge at Boiling Springs so we had the water all to ourselves for about an hour. We decided to cook our hot dogs and marsh mellows. Then it was back to the water for a while. Cara wasn’t feeling very well so we left for home around 1:30. Got back and got our dry clothes on then it was nap time for everyone! A fun day for me, hope the kids had fun too.

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