Tuesday, July 13, 2010

8 – 12 July 2010

8 Jul, Thursday:  Hopefully last day of opening at 5:00 am.  Helped Linda with the order and ate lunch there.  Spent a couple of hours resting at the RV then off to Houston to meet Carla to discuss wedding stuff.

9 Jul, Friday:  Whoops, Doc got in late and I had to open at 5:00 am again.  Worked until Doc got there around 9:30 because we were supposed to meet Gregg and Lynette, some of our RV friends, in Mountain Grove.  Picked them up at 12:30 2010 001

and went to the Rockbridge Trout Ranch for lunch and just look around…..a very pretty and peaceful kind of vacation place for those who like to fish.

2010 012

2010 002 

Waiting for a table by the windows.

2010 008 2010 006

Still has an operating post office.

2010 003

in the General Store/Restaurant.

2010 004

Our table was about in the middle of those row of windows.  If you like trout, they fix it really well in several different ways……a little pricey but a neat thing to experience.

2010 027

They have the Grist Mill Club for drinks and food also, it overlooks the river.

2010 023

2010 028

From inside the mill building.

2010 019

Bank and other buildings around the area.

2010 013 2010 011 2010 015

Back home in time for Cain’s BB game but was way too tired to go.  Great day with good friends!!!!

10 Jul, Saturday:  Opened at 7:00 not so bad compared to 5:00.  Still tired but knowing I didn’t have to open at 5:00 am any more gave me  some energy and we took off for the Licking Car Show

2010 0342010 030

2010 032

11 Jul, Sunday:  Opened again and worked until 2:00.  Lots of stormy weather so Nolan didn’t get to grill the chicken we picked up yesterday for dinner…..just sandwiches for lunch.  Started catching up on laundry and cleaning.

12 Jul, Monday:  Got up and around to be at the store for UHaul training at 9:00.  Rest of the day was spent on the computer and cleaning.  Fresh tomatoes, cucumbers and onions for lunch and dinner…….nothing beats fresh vegetables.  Storms again but nothing serious.

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