Monday, September 20, 2010

1 – 18 September 2010

1 – 10 Sep:  Same ole routine—work, sleep, and eat!  Lucy even looks a little bored……

2010 001 2010 002

I did manage to finish Carla’s surprise which wasn’t really a surprise cause she read this blog… are a few pictures of the finished scrapbook.

2010 004 2010 005 2010 006 2010 007 2010 008 2010 009 2010 010 2010 011 2010 012 2010 013 2010 014

I really didn’t want to give it to her after I finished it….I wanted to keep it for myself!

11 Sep, Saturday:  My Mom’s birthday (and mine)!  We decided to all meet in Lebanon and Dowd’s Catfish Restaurant to celebrate our birthdays.  Food was excellent and we sure enjoyed seeing everyone.  Here are a few pictures of the group…..

2010 015 

Carla and one of her stepson’s, Dominique…..I’m thinking he didn’t want his picture taken!

2010 016

My niece, Brandi, deciding what to order.

2010 017

One end of the table…..

2010 030

The other end……

2010 022

My mom and her husband, Jim……I think my Mom was enjoying herself! 

2010 031

I’m not so sure Nolan was though….he kind of looks like he might go to sleep.

No pictures of my beautiful great nieces because they were taking most of the pictures…..sorry girls!  We had a great birthday!

13 Sep, Monday:  Nolan had a follow-up appointment to see if the thing they put in his heart was doing what it was supposed to do.  Appointment was at 9:30 so we were up early to make the 2 hour drive to Springfield.  He didn’t get to see the doctor just had a test done to see if blood was still getting through from one side of his heart to the other…..the tech that did the test said it was leaking….so I guess we’ll wait and see what the doctor says…..He feels fine but he did before he had the stroke also.  Who know about these doctors!  It’s hard to find one you think is doing a good job….it was a little disappointing to not get to see the doctor.  They said they would send a letter telling him if he needed to do anything else. 

15 Sep, Wednesday:  Went out to eat with some TOPS friends and had a great time catching up so we decided we would get together every week until Nolan and I left in October.  Should be fun!!!

18 Sep, Saturday:  Worked but this was the day for the annual Roby Fire Department Fair.  Lots of activity around the small town.  My niece, Brandi; my nephew, Kelley; and their Dad, Kevin sang for the crowd that night…..they are really good (I’m don’t have a bias opinion or anything).  However, I didn’t go because I was so tired.  Here’s a picture of them from my other nephew’s, Jeremy, wife, Corey….thanks Corey for sharing.


Leno said...

Gee Donna, hope all is okay with Nolan and no more needs to be done.
I love the scrapbook. Think you should start one for yourself!
Can't wait to see you again. Only a matter of weeks now.....

Chuck-Kathy said...

Love the scrap book. Looking forward to seeing you two in TN. we only have 4 days there but it is better than none.