Monday, October 25, 2010

19 September – 8 October 2010

Wow, I lost track of what we did the last part of September.  One of the major things was purchase a new TV.  The living room TV went out and our TV repair friend said it couldn’t be fixed.  We bought a 32” Samsung that fits in the hole where the other one was just fine.  There’s now a lot of wasted space behind it.  Sure would be nice to close that in some how and make shelves for stuff and mount the TV on the door……not sure Nolan is that handy.  He’s pretty good about fixing most stuff but don’t think I can talk him into that project!

Most things we did were to get ready to leave MO for an extended amount of time, probably 6 months at least.  We voted absentee, renewed the truck license that are up in December, replaced the windshield in the car we had borrowed from Nolan’s brother, replaced the brakes on the truck, checked all the tires out, unloaded stuff from the trailer that was someone else’s or that we didn’t need any more, saw my Mom and Dad before we left, and let’s don’t forget…….I worked up until the day we left!!!!!  Sure hope the next time we come home I don’t work so much……I want to play more!

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Anonymous said...

yes play more with me. I am so looking forward to running into you guys somewhere down the road.

Take Care
Brenda Brown