Wednesday, October 27, 2010

9 – 15 October 2010

9 Oct, Saturday:  Left Roby with the RV around 10:30.  Headed for Sikeston, MO, and arrived around 2:30.  Stayed at the Hinton RV Campground.  Ok place to stop for an overnight.  Gregg and Lynette said the park would take you to Lamberts in their van to the back door and you don’t have to wait in line but we didn’t try it…..had too much laundry to get done before we spent a few days without sewer.

2010 004 2010 002

Did laundry all afternoon, we will not have full hookups for the first 5 days when we get to TN.  Didn’t leave the trailer except to take the dogs out!!! 

10 Oct, Sunday:  We didn’t unhook yesterday so we got an earlier start that normal.  Left Sikeston around 8:30 and arrived at Defeated Creek COE Campground, Defeated, TN, 2010 022

around 2:30.  Wow!   What a beautiful place!  2010 030

Our site (picture is without us in it) is really nice except for the fact that we don’t have sewer hookup but we’ll be OK for the 5 nights we’re in this site.  View out our back window…..2010 0012010 002

Others grilled hot dogs and brats for dinner so those that arrived today wouldn’t have to worry about cooking.  Great to meet up with friends again….

2010 024

Ken, Jenny, Kathy, Joann

Jenny and Kathy in the middle, and to meet new friends, Ken on the left and Joann on the right.  Nolan even seemed to enjoy meeting up with the guys again.

Joann, Nolan, Kevin Gregg, John, Sandy, Paul, Mary

Other new friends John and Sandy in the middle and others Gregg and Paul and Mary.

Jim, Ellie

Jim and Ellie

Lisa, Lynette, Arlene

Lynette and Arlene and new friend, Lisa on the left who was the individual responsible for us all getting together in TN.Jenny, Don

And, it was great getting to meet Jenny’s new husband, Don.  A very good start to our 12 days here! 

11 Oct, Monday:  Today we needed to go to Wal Mart to stock up on stuff to make to take to all the potlucks/dinners we would be going to while here.  We drove around Carthage a little and filled the truck up.  Back home to get stuff ready for happy hour and dinner with the gang…..brought our own meat and a side dish to share. 

12 Oct, Tuesday:  All the girls loaded up for a day out while the guys were back at the park BBQing ribs.  We stopped at Bed, Bath and Beyond and I think everyone managed to find something they couldn’t live without.  Then we were off to lunch at Olive Garden……2010 027

Ellie, Kathy, Lisa June, Jenny June and Jenny Lynette, Jenny, Sandy, Arlene, Lisa

Miss Lisa, our host, and our driver for the day pointed out that she was really talking about us when she wrote “I love my seniors” on her vehicle windows…..not sure we appreciated it!defeated creek 004[4][1]

Ellie needed to stop in at the Verizon store because her Droid was not working right so that load of gals went in to Verizon and the load of girls I was in hurried over to the grocery to pick up more food…..we’re always planning what’s for the next meal and that means more trips to the store!  We decided we didn’t have enough time for more shopping so we headed back to the park.  Just as we started to gather to eat the rain started….some of us ate a little but some didn’t make it out.  Looks like there will be lots of leftovers!

13 Oct, Wednesday:  Nolan has a cousin that lives in Nashville so today was the day we planned to meet Joe and his wife at Cracker Barrell in Lebanon, TN.  I didn’t get pictures taken but we had a great time while the others ate the leftover ribs and baked potatoes.

14 Oct, Thursday:  Others made a trip to Sam’s and a Chinese Buffett.  Nolan and I stayed around the park all day and went over for happy hour and a campfire.  Most others have been staying out til very late sitting around the fire…..I stay as long as I can stay awake and then I leave them still telling jokes or swapping RV stories.

15 Oct, Friday:  There’s a great road 2010 033

that circles around the park and I’ve been walking the dogs around it every morning.  When we walked by the site we are moving to it looked like they were packing up so I sent Nolan around again to see if they had left yet…..they had so we moved to a full hook up site 2010 055

2010 059

This would be out the back window of this site…..can’t ask for better views!

2010 054

Gregg and Lynette picked up the stuff to make fajitas today and everyone brought the toppings…..boy were they good!!!!

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