Wednesday, October 27, 2010

16 – 22 October 2010

16 Oct, Saturday:  OK, I wasn’t so good at keeping track of days and what we were doing while here……so, I can’t remember what we did on this day!!!!  I’m sure it was fun and it could have been something I put on a different day….oh well, I’ll try to do better!  I would like to say that our next door neighbors are having the best time…..they have 3 kids under 10 or so and the Grandma is with them.  Two of the kids had training wheels on their bikes and by the second day or so they were riding everywhere without the training wheels…..about day 4 they talked Grandma into going to Wal Mart and buying herself a bike.  The kids sure were excited and looked liked Grandma was having a good time also…..wish we had started camping when our kids were small.  Lots of good memories would have been made I think!

17 Oct, Sunday:  Today the group decided to go to Lebanon, TN, to where the first Cracker Barrel Restaurant was built.  We had already gone there when we met Nolan’s cousin; so, he didn’t want to go but I went anyway.  This restaurant is actually the second as the first is no longer.  Great meal and very good company!  I love looking around in their gift shops, there’s so many cool things.

2010 005 2010 004

18 Oct, Monday:  Nolan walked the trail.  The sign said 10 km about six miles.  No one really new if that was round trip or one way.  It ended at the scenic overlook.  Nolan called after about 3 hours and said he was not going to make it back to the park and could I pick him up at the overlook.

2010 024

After getting to the overlook, I called him again (I’m sure glad he had his cell phone and it had good service).  He wasn’t close yet so I had about an hour wait.  View from the overlook.2010 007 2010 013 2010 016

I got kind of bored and took a few random pictures that turned out kind of cool or not…..

2010 019 2010 020

After Nolan got to the truck we had to go back to the place where he started so he could walk back in and get his coffee cup…..he left it along the trail so he wouldn’t have to carry it?  I waited for him cause he sure looked tired!

2010 025

That afternoon some of us started playing Hand and Foot Kathy, Arlene, Tony

before Gregg started grilling hamburgers.  Another great day at this great place!

John, Kevin Kathy, Cindy, Ken, Lynette, Arlene Chuck, Ken, Gregg, Tony

19 Oct, Tuesday:  Rained off and on.  Paul and Mary left.  This was the day that we had planned to go into Nashville to Country Music Hall of Fame; but, decided not to go.  Nolan cooked pork tenderloin for dinner and later I went up to sit by the campfire.

20 Oct, Wednesday:  Some more of our friends left today…..Ken and Cindy back to IL; Lynette and Gregg, on their way back to KS; and Kevin and Arlene, on their way to Panama City for doctor’s appointment.  After saying goodbye and walking the dogs, I stayed in the RV all day and played on the computer and knitted.  At 4:00 it was time to get ready to go out to eat with the guys that were left at a very, very good Mexican place.  It was mentioned to the waiter that it was John’s birthday tomorrow and they of course came and sang Happy Birthday in Spanish, gave him this cute hate to wear and gave him this very large margarita.


21 Oct, Thursday: Made stew and didn’t leave the RV very much…..Nolan wanders around a lot so he’s always in and out.  John and Sandy stopped by to say goodbye as they were leaving tomorrow for southern Alabama also.

22 Oct, Friday:  Lucy and Oscar ready to go.2010 0572010 056

Plans were to stay at the Tim’s Ford State Campground, full hookups and when I called they said they would take Nolan’s Golden Age Pass which would have made it $10 a night.  Got there and they wouldn’t take the pass for a discount so we paid the full price and went in to find a spot.  Not good!!!!  Nice enough campground but the spots were pretty short and lots of trees.  We’re pretty tall and Nolan didn’t think we could get into most of them and the ones that he did think we could get into had low limbs.  Returned to the office and he refunded our money and we had every intention to just go out to the highway and stay at a park I found for $25 a night.  However, he was nice enough and gave me a map to a branch of their park called Fairview Devil’s Step Campground, Winchester, TN.  Got there and no one was at the office.  We drove into the park even though the sign said not to and looked around….this park would work.  Went back to the office 2010 114

and paid $25 a night and then got set up. 

2010 115 

That’s us…..Not bad!

2010 067 

View out our back window this time……nice!

2010 066

A look down the road beside us.

Leftover stew for dinner and relaxing in a beautiful place!


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