Friday, February 11, 2011

22-28 January 2011

22 Jan, Saturday:  I have been wanting biscuits and gravy for so long and that’s what I did today!!!

23 Jan, Sunday: Today was Nolan’s 68th birthday so we went out to lunch at Charlotte Plummers and I had those great crab cakes…..mmmmm good!  I ordered Nolan a demin jacket from NRA web store for his birthday.  I managed to keep it hidden and a secret til today…..he was surprised!  Another surprise for his birthday was that the toilet stopped working right. It wouldn’t put water in bowl.  Was a pretty good day though except for the rain!!!!

24 Jan, Monday:  Jacket was way too big….first time I’ve every bought him an XL and it was too big.  So, we made a trip to post office to return jacket.  We stopped by the library and Camper Clinic needed to see if we could just get the valve for the toilet that Nolan thinks needs to be replaced.

25 Jan, Tuesday:  Today we spent driving to Victoria to eat lunch with Sylvia and George.  Sylvia is a distant relative of mine that lives in Port Lavaca.  Before we ate lunch I had time to do a little shopping at Penneys…….and, I bought 2 new pair of shoes!!!  Had a great lunch and was good to meet George and talk to Sylvia.

26 Jan, Wednesday:  Today was “fix it” day.  I’m so thankful that Nolan can fix about anything……I just have to remember that he needs to do it at his own speed……the toilet hasn’t been working for 3 days so far.  However, today Nolan fixed the toilet for $33 and the vent cover from the hail storm for $16.  Yeah!!!!!!

27 Jan, Thursday:  Walked a mile today……it was so warm and sunny!

28 Jan, Friday:  The park planned a  Karoke and Music night but they changed and added in a Potluck and everyone knows how much I like to cook, so didn’t go!

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