Friday, February 11, 2011

29 January – 4 February 2011

OK, other than lots of cold weather and the usual trips to the library, Wal Mart, Corpus Christi (shopping), lunch at Big Fisherman and the Mexican restaurant at Port Aransas; this was a slow week.  So, I knitted a lot and thought I would share some pictures of my hats…..

100_2944 100_2950

This one was not finished yet…..but, it turned out really good!100_2951

And here are a couple that didn’t turn out so good…….100_2946

This one is supposed to be a beret but it doesn’t lay down right……I might try to fix it or not!!!!

This one came out way too small…..guess I’ll save it for the new baby??????  It wouldn’t even fit over my hat holder!!!!


Then I tried to make some gloves……what a mess…..fingers too short for adults and palm too big for kids!!!!!


I am excited to try out the new patterns I bought for Carla….she wants sock monkeys for the new baby so this will be a  project I start soon.2011 007 2011 011

2011 009


Sandra said...

Can you make glove monkeys? LOL

Chuck-Kathy said...

My Goodness, your needles must be smoking, you sure have been busy. LOL