Sunday, August 10, 2008

I'm Back!

Wow! What an experience!

We closed on July 15 as planned and started the moving out process immediately on July 16. 5th Wheel was delivered by it's previous owner on July 17 and we started moving stuff in. We started the yard sale on Friday, July 18, and ran it through Sunday. Got rid of lots of stuff and got everything in our 2700 square foot house sorted and dished out or sold. Was the hardest thing I've had to do physically for quite some time. It was terribly hot and humid the whole time we were moving and terribly exhausting!!!! Managed to get everything that I wanted to keep down to about 7 RubberMaid containers and 4 boxes that either my daughter or my niece are storing for me. We're still not completely done. Nolan had several guns and tools that he thought would sell better at an auction that we have scheduled for Aug 24. I couldn't talk him into keeping very much even though he's not so excited about the whole deal. He originally kept saying I kept too much "stuff" for the trailer but now that it's all stored away and I still have room left, he's not saying anything.

Boy, I sure went throught some ups and downs and frankly still not sure I made the right decision. For me, I'm sure but I'm afraid that I've pushed Nolan into something he's not going to enjoy. Although he kept telling me that if we sold the house, we could travel, I'm not sure he really meant it. Oh well, it's done now so I guess we'll see!

We were out of the house by Jul 22 and I put stuff away until I left for the Longaberger Bee (Convention) on Jul 29. Had a great time but I was already exhausted and that trip is always tiring even when you start out in good shape. Returned home on Aug 2 and then Nolan left to make a trip to Colorado to haul equipment back for a friend on Aug 6. He should be back Tuesday, Aug 12. However, then my plan is to find an assisted living facility for my grandmother to move to before we get serious about going somewhere. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that we installed hookups in my sister's back yard and that's where our new home is parked! We'll stay here until we get my grandmother settled and find a truck.....yeah, we still haven't had time to look for a truck yet. I guess since we aren't going anywhere, it's not such a big deal right now.

Now for a little about the RV experience. Like I said previously, Nolan is not thrilled about this new life and the changes required to emptying the tanks, fusing with the LP gas tanks, a severe wind storm that felt like we were going to blow over, getting the ACs adjusted right, hot water heater problems, phone jack problems, DishNetwork installation, and lighting the oven......all these things were major events in our past 3 weeks of existence!!!

Hopefully, I can post more regularly now


LakeConroePenny,TX said...

Glad to hear all about it, and that it all over. Now you can concentrate on being RVers. You should know your rig pretty well by the time you can actually get on the road.
How do you find the time to read all those blogs ?
Happy Trails, Penny, TX

Sandra said...

Glad to hear from you Donna. I was worried about you. Now that you're in the RV, does Nolan not like it? That could be a problem. Sure hope you can resolve it.

Ara & Spirit said...

Hi guys... I am smiling because I have been on a sailboat for 28 years and RV 2 years... All I can say is that you will love it!... You really don't need a thing. I bet within one year you will realize that you have not touched half of it... Don't get hang up on things... What you need is already there: Mother Nature in all its beauty!
Truly... will follow you, and you if are near Big Bend this winter stop by.
Be well... Ara & Spirit