Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Casino, Graceland, River Park, Dixie Gun Works Museum, Home

Friday, Nov 14 08.....Here's the front of the casino where we are parked. Didn't get a picture of the RV Park but it was the normal parking lot kind of RV Park with clean and nice facilities.

We left the campground around 9:30 to go to Graceland. No crowds and we got right in. This is a picture of Nolan in the ticket office while we are waiting for our bus to go to the mansion.
This is a picture of the mansion after we went through the tour.
Here's Nolan waiting for the bus back across the highway to see the Elvis exhibits of his airplanes, cars, and other stuff. The tour of the mansion was really good and we enjoyed our day at Graceland.
Here's Nolan again in front of one of Elvis' cars this time (sorry, no pictures of me, I do the picture taking).
Saturday, Nov 15 08....we took off to find some water and other supplies from a grocery. The nearest Wal Mart was 40 miles away. Drove thru Tunica to mail some post cards and decided to go ahead and drive to Helena, AR, to the Wal Mart. Nice drive and pretty day!!!
Sunday, Nov 16 08.....we got out again and drove to River Park maybe for a walk but ended up going through the museum instead of the walk....it was very windy. Interesting museum and nice facility....worth the visit. Here's the outside of the museum.
This is the where the Tunica Queen parks when it is not out of the River. It only runs on Saturday during the winter months.

While outside walking down the sidewalk, we saw a barge going down the river. It was really far away and we watched it down the river. The other pictures are of the barge zoomed in.

The whole time we were gone Nolan kept pointing out the many cotton fields we saw along the way. I had never seen them in real life before so I finally made him stop so I could get a piece of cotton from the field. This is a picture of where I got my cotton.
Monday, Nov 17 08......We had decided to stay at Tunica until today because Nolan wanted to drive to Union City, TN, to visit the Dixie Gun Works Museum....it wasn't open over the weekend. We got up early and left Tunica arriving at Union City around 1:00 or 2:00 pm. Set up and went over to the museum. Spent a couple of hours going through the museum; mostly antique cars and guns.
Tuesday, Nov 18 08....We were up early and arrived in Roby early afternoon.
Wednesday through now....we've mainly just been trying to decide what we want to do now. The options are:
Buy a house already built now.
Build a house in the Spring.
Spend the winter in Texas and then build a house in the Spring.
I won't be posting on a regular basis now but I will keep the blog up til we decide what we are doing.


Leno said...

Nice pictures Donna. Good luck with your decision. Things always seem to work out.
Sorry you dropped off the other night on chat, we were looking forward to talking to you.

Sandra said...

It must be chilly in the RV where you are now. You'd better get back on the road to Texas as fast as you can. LOL!