Thursday, November 13, 2008

Scenic Drive, Plantation Day, Travelling Home

Wow, can't believe it's been a week since I last posted. I'll try to catch everything up!

Thursday and Friday we spent mostly just at the campsite. We did make a run to Wal Mart....can't stop anywhere and not go to the local Wal Mart.

Saturday we left the trailer for somewhere. I finally decided that I wanted to go to Gulfport. So off we went. Knew the hurricane had gone through there but it hadn't occurred to me that things wouldn't be back to normal. Mostly cleaned up but still lots of land for sale and lots of rebuilding to do. We didn't find a place to eat on the gulf during the drive back and we were almost back to New Orleans before we knew it. So we decided to drive back across the causeway, a 23 mile long bridge across the middle of Lake Pontchatrain. Nice drive!

Sunday and Monday were days spent at the RV park reading and walking.

Tuesday I talked Nolan into going to see a plantation. We started out and soon found out that it was a bit farther that we expected so we ate lunch at The Cabin Restaurant. Very nice and great food!

The next two pictures are of other buildings around the restaurant.

From there we drove to Oak Alley Plantation. This guy was our tour guide.

This plantation is called Oak Alley because of these trees that were planted by the guy who purchased the land. There are 28 trees that start at the Mississippi River and end at the small house that he built.
This is the back side of the mansion which was built later by a creole couple.
The front of the mansion

Other shots around the plantation.

These are pictures of the river along I55 going south.

The rest are pictures of the bridge crossing the Mississippi river to get to the plantations.

Wednesday we packed up and headed north......yes north not south! We're going back to our home town. The full time lifestyle is not for Nolan......he's been pretty unhappy. Our first stop was in Canton, MS, where we just stayed overnight. We drove about 200 miles and it was time to stop and this place was convenient; not someplace we would stay for very long (Movietown RV Park).

Today we drove another 200 miles to Tunica, MS. We're staying at the Hollywood Casino RV Park for at least 2 nights maybe 3. Nolan said he would go to Graceland in Memphis tomorrow so I'm excited. I'll have more pictures tomorrow!


Jim and Dee said...

That bridge looks familiar, where is it? Beautiful pictures. Thanks.

Sandra said...

Thanks for stopping by this morning, Donna. It was great to meet you!

Leno said...

We always stay at Hollywood Casino when we drive thru the area. In fact we were there last month. Nice place. Enjoy.

Diana said...

Love the rusty stuff!