Friday, November 5, 2010

23 – 29 October 2010

23 Oct, Saturday:  One of the reasons we decided to stay at Devil’s Step was that it was close to Lynchburg, TN, 2010 104

where the Jack Daniels Distillery is located and we wanted to go check it out. 

2010 105

However, we didn’t pick a very good weekend to do this……it turns out it was the Jack Daniel’s World Championship Invitational Barbecue context “Smoke in the Hollow”…….  2010 112

Lots and lots of people…..and you know how Nolan loves lots and lots of people…..NOT!!!!!

2010 101 2010 100

2010 113 2010 111  2010 107 2010 103

This is where all the BBQing was going on…..too many people for Nolan so we didn’t even go down there……

He tried to talk me out of going on the free tour of the distillery but I kept saying we should go since we were already there and so he agreed.  This is where you wait for the tour to start…..we only had to wait about 15 or 20 minutes for the tour.

2010 071

Our tour guide

2010 078 2010 076

An old car that was there….2010 0732010 079

 2010 082 2010 080

Nolan looking in the cave where they get the spring water from and of course he was wishing he had a cup so he could taste the spring water.

2010 0832010 084

This would of course be Jack Daniels. 2010 091 2010 085 2010 089 2010 088

This was his office.

2010 090

And this would be the safe he kicked that gave him an infection that killed him.

2010 086 2010 073 2010 072 2010 096

Some of the builidngs on the grounds.  And a picture of some holly that has all that black mold stuff on it that seems to cover everything around.

2010 093

Another picture of Jack in the inside of the visitor’s center.

 2010 098

All in all, even with the crowds, we had a good time.  Returned back to the RV for leftover stew for dinner.

24 Oct, Sunday:  Travel day……I had made reservations at Foscue Creek Park, a Corps of Engineer park in Demopolis, AL.  Another great place to stay for very little money…..full hookups for $10 a night with Nolan’s Senior Golden Age pass.2010 017

Our site

2010 044

Our patio

2010 045 2010 043 2010 013

As site with a lake view

 2010 011 2010 012 2010 003

Our loop…..there are two loops, we are staying on the shorter loop. 2010 042 2010 018

We arrived around 2:00 and we had not stopped to eat so I quickly started something to eat while I was putting stuff up and opening the slides.  The weather here is so nice….I think we’ll be sitting outside some.

25 Oct, Monday:  Uh Oh, we may have to move to another site…..while Nolan was sitting up he discovered that the sewer didn’t look like it was draining.  So today they are supposed to send someone over to look at it and if they don’t fix it, we’ll move to a different site.  Started laundry and we decided to drive around the park and look at the other sites and then into town to see what’s there.  No pictures, I forgot but it’s a nice little town with our favorite store……Wal Mart.  Got back and in a little while the maintenance guys came and really couldn’t find anything wrong with it except they think one of the lift station pumps might not be coming on when it needs to all the time.  So, we’re staying put.

26 Oct, Tuesday:  Rain off and on with wind all day, seemed like a good day to find a laundry and wash the bedspread, too big for my washing machine in the trailer.  Nothing too exciting except there seems to be an ant problem here……Nolan is on the prowl for ants…..every hour or so, he’s outside spraying or looking around the trailer killing them…..

27 Oct, Wednesday: Rain off and on, Nolan went to Wal Mart and I didn’t leave RV except to walk the dogs….I think Nolan is getting bored.

28 Oct, Thursday:  We decided today we would go Montgomery to visit the Hank Williams Museum.2010 001

Couldn’t take pictures inside but they sure have a lot of his stuff and a very interesting little museum.

29 Oct, Friday: They have a very nice walking trail, about 2 miles or so and today we decided to go check the picnic area out and walk the trail.

2010 0042010 006

Road to the picnic area…..

  2010 007  2010 005

View of lake from trail…..

 2010 008

End of trail…..nice walk! 

As we were walking around our loop back to the trailer we saw a group of people with 3 labs over at the boat launch area……the dogs were having a great time jumping in the water to retrieve sticks!2010 011

2010 015

Later in the day we made a trip to the post office to mail post cards (I’m still finding post cards of areas and things we’re doing to mail to my great nieces and nephew) and Chago’s birthday present.


Cruzin2some said...

Thanks for sharing you trip. Looks like a nice place to stay.

We have an Alumascape too. Ours is a 2007 33CKT we pull it with our 2004 Chev 3500 (White too)

Needless to say we think you have a nice looking rig!

Travel Safe

Chuck-Kathy said...

Great pictures, sounds like a good area.
Travel safe, never fast.

John and Sandy said...

Nice tour of the Distillery and that area, and what another great little COE park in Demopolis. We will have to add these items to our list for the next time we travel through this area.

Take Care and Safe travels!

Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

We visited Jack Daniels many years ago, thanks for the flashback.