Sunday, November 21, 2010

30 October – 5 November 2010

30 Oct, Saturday: Nolan is always finding these great steak deals at the store and sometimes they are not so tender, well not as tender as Nolan likes them.  So, we went to the store to find something to marinate them in or put on them that might make them a little better.  My answer to everything is to look it up on the internet….so I decided to marinate mine in Italian dressing or something close that I had in the frig.  He put something else on his….some kind of dry stuff…..He didn’t care for his any better than he did the first ones…..mine was pretty good….don’t know that they were any more tender but that had a good taste.

31 Oct, Sunday:  Today was a do nothing day….Nolan grilled hamburgers for dinner and that was it.

1 Nov, Monday:  Today we decided to walk Bigbee Bottom Trail that we found when trying to get to the lock and dam to watch the barges for a while…’s all locked up and you can’t get near the water.  2010 019

Here’s what the trail looked like on the sign, we walked the red trail.  Nolan forgot his GPS so we don’t really know how far it was and the sign didn’t say….

2010 020 2010 021 2010 022

We walked for quit a while……nothing to brag about.  It was pretty much just like walking in the woods at home.  We actually thought maybe it would go down by the river but it never got close enough for us to see water.  Oh well, good exercise!

Back to the trailer and took a shower cause we needed to make a trip to the good ole Wal Mart store and then Nolan grilled hot dogs for dinner.  Weather is very nice!!!!

2 Nov, Tuesday:  Today is my new son-in-law’s birthday……Happy Birthday Chago.  Nolan spent most of the morning washing the trailer it was pretty dirty!

3 Nov, Wednesday:  Rainy day so I decided it was time for a good internet fix.  Off to town in search of a free WiFi……found McDonald’s and it was not busy so I sat there for 2 hours playing on the computer while Nolan read the paper.  So good to be able to look up stuff and not have to wait a couple of minutes to get to the web site!!!!!   Another stop at Wal Mart to get the stuff I forgot on Monday…..we really like that store…..NOT!!!!

4 Nov, Thursday: This park has a very nice walking trail so I decided to take Lucy…….it’s way too long for Oscar to make it and I would have been carrying him….then I wasn’t sure I could make it carrying him, so just Lucy went!  It’s been a little cool at night so Nolan decided to find a place to fill the propane tank up.  I sent Chago a hat and scarf that I knitted for his birthday….hat was a little to small so I quickly made another…..finished it today.  Nolan went to Wal Mart to pick up my prescription and when he got back I saw that they had charged him full price….OMG, another trip to Wal Mart to get that straightened out!!!!

5 Nov, Friday:  Early afternoon we went to Wal Mart to get money back.  What a hassle that was.  They said, after waiting in line forever, that the insurance company was messed up and they were trying to get it straight and I would have to come back.  While going through the checkout paying for some yarn I bought, I heard them calling me back to the pharmacy.  Got back over there and they wanted my insurance card…’s in the truck and they are getting ready to close for lunch…..had to go back after going to McDonald’s for my WiFi fix again.  Finally got my $8 dollars back.  I know it’s not a lot but it was the idea of it that got me…..I get the same prescription there every month for the past 4 or 5 years and they should have everything in the computers!!!!!

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