Friday, November 26, 2010

6 – 12 November 2010

6 Nov, Saturday:  Still cold so I stayed inside all day.  Started laundry and the stupid machine overflowed again…..been having trouble for a while and I never know when it’s gonna do it; so, Nolan worked on the washing machine today.  Put a new water level control thing on it and of course we then had to clean up the mess and all the dirt behind the machine… always gets so nasty behind washing machines!!!!

7 Nov, Sunday:  Travel day…..moved to Azalea Acres in Robertsdale, AL.  Not a great park but it has full hookups and great WiFi and close to the Gulf.

It’s really just a big field with RV hookups on it.2010 090

Nothing was paved.

2010 093

Here’s where we were parked…..sites were wide enough but we had some ants under the table.

2010 092

Not bad but not the greatest either.  Lots of grass for the dogs.

8 Nov, Monday:  We’re only 30 miles from Gulf Shores; so, today we went for a drive to see what we could see.  Bridge to get to the beaches.

2010 012 2010 013

Very pretty place!

 2010 010

Lots and lots of place to rent along the shore road. 2010 001

Was so surprised to see how white the sand was….it’s not that way in Rockport, TX, where we’ve been staying on the gulf.2010 007

And, then……we ate seafood…..very, very good.  Been a long time since we’ve done that!

2010 005 2010 004

Nolan looking over the menu before we went in!2010 003

What a fun day!!!

9 Nov, Tuesday:  Seems to be a lot of places to see around here…..I could stay here all winter but Nolan seems to think it may get too cold.  Today we drove to Foley and on the way we stopped at a very good farmers market, bought bananas and pecans and tomatoes.  They had lots of stuff!

Of course every night Lucy has to lay with me in my chair but it seems she likes to lay with her head hanging upside down…..every night she keeps hanging a little more off the chair…..strange dog!!!!! 2010 014

10 Nov, Wednesday:  Oh……today is going to be a good day!  First we had made plans to meet Kevin and Arlene for lunch in Pensacola.  The place Arlene wanted to go didn’t open until 4 so we ate across the street instead….very good!!!!  AND, it was so good to see them and catch up…..

2010 016 Kevin and Nolan

Then we were off to check out Fort Pickens because I wanted to stay a couple of days there… sewer hookups but it is close to the water.2010 021

We drove down the island to the Fort and checked out the campgrounds.  This is along the road to the campground.

2010 023 2010 084 2010 076

2010 081  2010 080 2010 086

Doesn’t it look like snow piled up along the road.

Didn’t take pictures of the campground, I was too busy looking to see if we might like it…..we finally decided not to stay this time but maybe some other time….it wasn’t very full and would have been easy to find a nice spot but Nolan’s not much of a beach person!

We went on down the road to the old Fort.  Here’s a few pictures…..Fort has been here a long time…..very interesting!

2010 024 2010 028 2010 026 2010 031 2010 067 2010 068

We missed the tour times mainly because we were watching the Blue Angels practice.  They were home and this coming weekend they were gonna have a 3 day show but I think we saw most of how they would be flying without fighting the crowds.

2010 037 2010 062 2010 055 2010 048 2010 047 2010 039

It was pretty cool!!!!  Another fun day….it was beautiful weather!

11 Nov, Thursday:  Rest and stay at home day.

12 Nov, Friday:  We saw a Book Exchange store in Foley and Nolan doesn’t have anything to read…..he won’t buy new books.  Got there and it was pretty unorganized and I don’t think he was in the mood to look so we left without a book!  Oh well, we got out and drove around!

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lucky you to see the Blue Angels!!! It was a show just for you!