Friday, November 26, 2010

13 – 19 November 2010

13 Nov, Saturday:  We were only about 20 miles from where Chuck and Kathy, Sandy and John, and Jim and Ellie were camped at Rainbow Plantation in Summderdale.  So today was the day to go visit before we left tomorrow.  We had a good visit and got to actually play with KoKo, John and Sandy’s dog, a little….she doesn’t like strangers very much; she liked Nolan better than me…..go figure, kids and animals always pick him!  Sure not like Lucy, she will play with anyone.  The park they are in is very nice and I think Chuck and Kathy are going to buy a lot.  That will be nice for them (forgot to take pictures).

14 Nov, Sunday:  Today was moving day.  We decided to try Flint Creek Water Park, in Wiggins, MS. The rain held off until we got all set up…..we’re scheduled to stay here a week.

Here’s the front gate

2010 094

This is the road into the campground

2010 102

Our site in the woods!!!!!

2010 095

 2010 099

This is the view out our back window…..we just left the blinds open all the time…..we were about 40 or 50 feet away from the water.  That was very nice!

2010 108 

Our deck

2010 109

Campsites down the road from us…..they are hard to see!2010 098 2010 107 2010 103

Everything was paved and nice BUT… felt like we were in a jungle and it was very dark all the time!  Not one of our favorite places but would be fun in the summer with a boat or jet ski.  Although, I think you would have to make reservations way ahead of time in the summer.  We were in the first come, first serve section and I think they stay full all the time.  There are a few permanent looking places with swings and all kinds of stuff around.  It was cheap…$90 for a week and included the electric, using Passport America.

15 Nov, Monday:  Still raining so we decided to go to the grocery and drive around town.  It’s always fun to drive around a new place to see what there is to see.

16 Nov, Tuesday:  Today was a “do nothing” day and Nolan grilled pork chops for dinner.

17 Nov, Wednesday: Nolan always remembers the strangest things, well, he really just remembers everything he ever reads and he remembered reading that “Dizzy” Dean, a famous baseball player lived around Wiggins.  So today we were off to find what we could find.  They have a rest stop named after him and he is buried in the Bond Cemetery, which we visited.

18 Nov, Thursday: Went to the post office and I was hungry for goulash(not that the two things really have anything to do with each other).  I found a recipe on line and I had all the ingredients; so I just made it… was good!  However, I think next time I will leave out the potatoes and put more macaroni in instead.

19 Nov, Friday:  Drove to Gulfport today.  We visited the area in 2008 when we were this way and I wanted to see if they had rebuilt it yet…..they had some but there are still way more empty sites than ones that have new stuff in them.  I was hungry for Mexican so we stopped at a restaurant that we saw was busy on our way in.  Just so so…..not the best.

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John and Sandy said...

Koko is definitely very shy (that is what they called her at school)!!! I don't think she likes Nolan more than you, he just had her ball more than you did...and she always goes where the ball goes. We even know we are second to that darn ball of hers. Glad to see you made it to Texas safely...enjoy your winter.