Wednesday, January 5, 2011

20 – 26 November 2010

20 Nov, Saturday:  It was the weekend so all the families started coming in…..park filled up.  We decided to stay two more days so Nolan went to the office and paid.

21 Nov, Sunday:  Nothing too exciting…..cleaned and gave dogs a bath.  Weather was beautiful!

22 Nov, Monday:  Earlier we kept going by a sign for the Historical Bond Cemetery, so today we drove around for a while trying to find it.  The one sign was all we ever saw and we were not sure we actually found it…..oh well, took up a couple of hours out of very unexciting day!

23 Nov, Tuesday:  Travel day……heading to Rockport for the rest of the winter but tonight we stayed in Gulf Coast RV Resort, Beaumont, TX.

2010 001 2010 002

24 Nov, Wednesday:  Drove through Houston this morning on the remainder of our trip to Rockport.  Sure glad Nolan does such a good job driving!!!

2010 0032010 006 2010 005 2010 009

Lucy hates these overpasses and bridges!!!!

2010 011

25 Nov, Thursday:  Thanksgiving and they of course were having a dinner at the community room but we decided to cook ourselves.  Went to HEB and they had turkey breast roasted we could buy…..boy was that the easiest and best turkey we’ve ever had for Thanksgiving!!!!

We have to separate Oscar and Lucy’s food so they don’t fight……Oscar is too old to jump up on the couch any more so that’s where Lucy eats…..lately, Lucy has decided this is the most comfortable way to eat…..she’s such a funny dog!!!

2010 001

26 Nov, Friday:  Very cold today but we made trip to Lowes just to find a rug for the dog pen.  We have enough room at The Last Resort to put in on the concrete so I wanted a rug for them to lay on when they are in the pen…..found a couple of small ones for them and a new one for the front door.  Pizza Hut was next door to Lowe’s so that’s what we had for lunch.  Called Cain for his birthday!  Sure do hate we missed it again!

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