Saturday, January 8, 2011

1 – 7 January 2011

1 Jan, Saturday:  One of my favorite things to do in Rockport is to have breakfast at Alice Faye’s.  It’s not a great meal just OK, but the restaurant sits right on the water and there’s just something I like about the place.  Today everyone else was liking the place too…..there was only one empty table.  Decided we would attend the 2:50 movie True Grit. It was really good!  Just a reminder for all……you need to check your bank card’s expiration date every once in a while….On the way home Nolan decided he needed more money but the ATM wouldn’t cooperate….his bank card had expired!  When we got back to the RV I called my sister cause she gets our mail for us and sure enough a new card had come in the mail….she will mail it to us but he will be without for a while.

2 Jan, Sunday:  Road bike 1 1/2 mile…..Nolan’s gonna buy be this really cute bike with flowers on it when I ride 100 miles so I’m getting started.  Riding this bike just kills my hands, isn’t that weird!!!

3 Jan, Monday:  First of the month (that’s when I get paid) so today was shopping at Wal Mart.  Was gonna go to the Library but they were still closed for the holiday.

4 Jan, Tuesday:  Trip to Library for new books and I took my eReader (wifi signal at RV park is not strong enough at our site).  So, while Nolan looked for books, I played on my eReader.  We saw on the bulletin board that the park was having a pot luck tomorrow so we made a stop at Wal Mart for pork roast and bananas.  Lunch/dinner at Big Fisherman cause it’s the Tuesday special.  Went later in the day and the line wasn’t so bad but I think we’re gonna skip it for a couple of weeks!

5 Jan, Wednesday:  Banana pudding and Nolan BBQ’s pork roast was our contribution.  For a while I didn’t think we were going, Nolan was too busy walking and talking today and didn’t get the roast started soon enough.  We were about 10 minutes late and there was lots of people there.  Roast only lasted about 5 minutes and I only had a small bowl of pudding left.

6 Jan, Thursday:  Road bike 2 miles today…..still 96.5 left.  Cleaned most of the day and finished another hat.  Nolan let Oscar out of the pen to chase the sheep and he got tons of sand burrs……I’ll get a picture of this sheep (that’s what these guys are calling it but it sure looks like a goat to me).  It doesn’t have a home and stays around here all the time…..dogs go crazy when they see it.

7 Jan, Friday:  Betty and Joe, another couple from Missouri, are having trouble with their air conditioner leaking water on their bed so Nolan was looking at it to see if he could see what was causing it.  So, the dogs and I went to visit with Betty.  While there Rod and Deb and Jim and Ellie arrived.  Then around 4:00 it was Happy Hour at Rod and Deb’s.  So glad to have friends around!

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Sandra said...

You guys are so lucky to be down there! Give everyone hugs from us (and hug yourselves too LOL)!