Thursday, January 6, 2011

18 – 24 December 2010

18 Dec, Saturday:  Went to Farmers Market down by the beach area…..lots of booths!  I bought a new kind of candle,, they all smelled really good and the representative said they didn’t smoke very much and they burned really even.  After that we went down the road from the RV resort to another flea market.  Not very many booths open but we did find this bike!  It had two flat tires and the gears don’t change but the price was right……it was marked $10 but Nolan offered him $5 and he took it…..I have a new bike for Christmas!!!!  After loading it in the truck we stopped at O’Rielly for that stuff you squirt into tires to keep them from leaking and the Butter Churn for lunch.

Here’s Nolan squirting that stuff in the tires.2010 007 2010 015

Here’s Nolan trying it out….tires stayed up but we need a different seat!

 2010 016

Here’s Lucy and Oscar checking out the new bike also!!!!2010 014 2010 012 2010 003 2010 004

19 Dec, Sunday:  Today we were off to K Mart to buy a basket and bigger seat for my new Christmas present!  We didn’t find exactly the kind of seat we wanted but it’s better than what’s on it!   Nice warm, sunny day!

20 Dec, Monday:  Had to return books to the Library so we stopped by Wal Mart for another seat, the one we bought yesterday is kind of hard.  Pizza Hut for lunch while we were out!

21 Dec, Tuesday:  Lunch special at Big Fisherman today.

22 Dec, Wednesday:  I’m gonna be a grandma in August!!!!  Pretty good Christmas present especially since we can’t go to Missouri this year for Christmas.

23 Dec, Thursday:  Shopped for Christmas pot luck dinner at the club house.  Made cheese ball for Christmas Eve finger food get together.

24 Dec, Friday:  Went to Christmas Eve finger food gathering in club house……we didn’t stay very long.  I finished another hat this week, it’s one of my favorites!

2010 002

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Felicia said...

Donna--- Congrats on the Grandbaby!!! And try one of those square seats........ although I did get a bike I had to pedal I traded it in for a motorized scooter!!! Happy New Year