Wednesday, January 5, 2011

4 – 10 December 2010

4 Dec, Saturday: Today was my new step grandson, Dominique’s, birthday.  Sure hope he is patient with me cause I don’t think I got his card mailed in time!!!  I’ll try harder next year!

5 Dec, Sunday: Windy and cold……stayed inside all day

6 Dec, Monday:  Nolan loves to read but doesn’t like to buy books so we decided since we were gonna be here all winter that we would go to the library and check books out……they have a great facility here!  We really enjoyed looking around and getting something to read.

7 Dec, Tuesday:  It’s Tuesday again and time for the Big Fisherman special…..$2.25 for all you can eat chicken fried steak or chicken livers.  We went this time around 2:30… was cold and we got bad service……we may not try it again!

8 Dec, Wednesday:  Nolan made a trip to Wal Mart but I didn’t leave my recliner except to take the dogs out.

9 Dec, Thursday:  I managed to talk Nolan into taking me to Michaels so I could buy more yarn. I sure had a good time shopping.  We drove back through Mustang Island so we could eat at the Mexican restaurant in Port Aransas for lunch. It was a very nice, warm and sunny day.  These pictures are of the ferry ride back from Port Aransas.

2010 001 2010 002

When we got back I was so excited I got my Pandigital 9"TouchScreen Color Multimedia WiFi eReader from QVC……I love it.  It’s not just a good eReader but it will connect to the internet with wifi.  I LOVE IT!!!!  It was my Christmas present to myself.

10 Dec, Friday:  Deb caught me on Facebook and said they would be coming to Rockport to buy some shrimp today so we met them for lunch at Big Fisherman.  Jim and Ellie came with them and we had a great visit!  They followed us back to The Last Resort and Deb and Rod made reservations to come back and stay a week the first of January…..that sure will be fun!

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