Sunday, February 8, 2009

Breakfast and Final "Tea Time"

Leona and Jerry wanted to meet us for breakfast after they took their daughter to the airport. So, we met them at Denny's around 10:00 am. Wow, what a good breakfast. I had the Heartland Breakfast. I was so full I didn't eat again all day....just snacked a little. Everyday at the park in Alamo Palms they had "Tea Time". Usually in the empty lot right next to our trailer. The people that work at the park all lived down the street that we were parked and they invited us to join them. We did most days and today was our last. Everyone was so nice to us.....especially Donna and Bob, Bob and Barb, Ginger and Skip, and Donna and Roy. And, no, I forgot to take pictures of all of them.....they all gave me their emails and I hope they stay in touch!!! Hopefully, maybe we will go back this winter for another visit.

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