Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Marathon RV Park and Moving

As usual, I didn't get around to taking pictures of where we stayed in Marathon until we were packing up to leave; but, I did get some pictures. This is the view out the back window of the RV. Not bad....
They had a beautiful courtyard and the next two pictures are of that.
Now the not so good, that is our trailer, the second one from the end that you can see. There were two rows of 8 trailers. The trailers on the left looked like they were permanent or those of workers in the area that weren't moving anytime soon. In our row there were also 2 of those. So, that only leaves about 5 or 6 sites available to rent. It was just a gravel parking lot. They were not too close together but not very appealing.
Now the second bad thing. In the middle of this picture, you can see a train bridge and the train goes through quit often and at 4:00 am in the morning. Along with the train at 4:00 am in the morning the guys working get up and start banging things around and starting their trucks getting ready to leave......
We were out of there by 9:30 am. Stopped in Alpine for groceries at the IGA because there are no bigger stores in the Big Bend area where we were going to stay. Then on to the Big Bend Motor Inn and RV Park. When we arrived the staff was out to lunch and they told us to go ahead and pick out a site and then come back later to pay. We had trouble finding one....the one I wanted (don't ask me why, it's about the same as the one we're in), we couldn't put out the slide and that's hard to believe since there is not very many trees here at all. Again, I don't have pictures yet, but I will before we leave. We'll be here a week. Nolan grilled steaks and now it's another night of TVand knitting.

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