Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Knitting, Judge Roy Bean, Texas Landscapes

Spent about an hour this morning packing up all my creations to mail to the kids for Valentines. This is Cain's hat.
This is Cara's hat, scarf, and gloves.
This is a close up of Cara's hat that took so long to knit....those bumps took forever!
This is Brenna's hat, scarf, and gloves.
This is a close up of Brenna's hat....Nolan said Cara wouldn't like her hat cause it didn't have a pom pom on it!
Talked to Mom this morning before we took off for Lantry, TX, to see the Judge Roy Bean Museum and she asked me if it was pretty where we are......I have to say it's not. So, I took a few pictures of the landscape on the way to Lantry.......
The sign says this is the original building/saloon.

Of course I had to have Nolan lean on the bar!!!
Right next to the saloon was a billards room and in there they had the legs to the Judge's pool table.

They had lots of cactus plants around the building and we thought this one looked cool!
This was Judge Roy Bean's home.
The museum was also a visitor's center and is at the beginning of the museum and of course I picked up lots and lots of pamphlets. While we were walking around the grounds the bag got heavy so we stuck them under the fence in front of our truck. This is Nolan trying to get them under the fence when we were leaving.....Nolan wanted to stop at the Recreation Area where the Pecos River runs into the Rio Grande River so that's what the rest of the pictures are.
Stopped at Comstock on the way home and mailed all the Valentine Packages (yes, Carla, I mailed you one too!!!! Love you all!)

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Carla said...

I knew you mailed me one too.

I love you too....Happy Valentine's Day.