Friday, February 13, 2009

Seminole Canyon

After spending some time looking at the web site for Seminole Canyon last night, we decided we would get around and get there for the 10:00 am guided tour down into the canyone to see the pre historic drawings on the canyone walls. This statue is at the beginning of the tour or start down into the canyon.....
This is the visitor center from down in the canyon. It was a long way down into the canyon but their were steps made into the hillside to make it easier to get down and up.

This picture was taken from the canyon floor and if you look right in the middle behind the trees at the cave wall you can see one of the drawings.

Here's a close up at the same location....the guide said this was probably a creature from a dream or some kind of fantasy because it was so much bigger than most of the other animal looking drawings.
Here's another drawing that was one of the most colorful.
Several years ago some artists drew pictures of the drawings. Here's what they looked like then. They have faded a lot.
Picture of the canyon about half way up.
Was a great tour and I finally made it back to the top. We drove over to the RV park and I thought it would be a good place to stay to visit the canyon. Got back to Del Rio and we went in to town and try the BBQ place again. Still good!!!

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