Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Closing, 5th Wheel

Things are moving along on the house sale. Termite inspection was done and time for buyer walk through was set (will have to change the time, they didn't ask me if I was available and I'm not). VA Appraiser comes back Friday afternoon. Only 6 days left and they are busy ones!

Decided to buy the used Holiday Rambler 5th Wheel. It's an 06 Alumnascape, 36' long and hardly been used. We're buying it from a private party and he has agreed to bring it to us since it doesn't look like we will find a truck before then. I'll have more room inside for my scrapbook stuff I think. I really like it, here are some pictures:

Now if we can find a truck!

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Dee & Jim said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! It shouldn't take long to get the truck, they're CHEAP! That's really great news.