Sunday, July 6, 2008

Work, House Repairs

Worked again today....not very profitable today. I was $54 off during my closeout!!!

When I got home Nolan was under the house in the crawl space, moving a little dirt and trash into a hole so he could put down the plastic for the vapor barrier. He also started working on the crawl space vent problem. Sure wish I had known that vents should have been there when we bought the house. He drilled holes from inside the crawl space through to the outside so he knows where they go.....will have to cut the holes out from the outside. Was getting late and he was not in a very good mood from crawling around under the house, so he stopped working on that project for the day. Hopefully, when he gets back from Colorado Springs, he can get it finished before Saturday. The buyer wants to do the walk through on Saturday. The only other thing which is not really a big deal is the hand rail on the basement stairway.

I actually made dinner and we "chilled out" for the rest of the day.

Only 9 days left till closing!

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