Wednesday, July 2, 2008

VA Appraiser

The VA Appraiser came yesterday and looked over the house and took measurements. She was happy with everything except it looks like we will have to put some kind of vents in the crawl space area under the house. She said it wouldn't be too much trouble. Sure hope not!

Cain, my great nephew, is staying with us during the summer while school is out. He is 8 and loves to play cards and win. We have been having a great time and he isn't winning all the time!

We also made paper planes from a very cool book he had yesterday. The book is full of premarked papers that you fold to make the planes. Directions are easy to understand and you can make all sorts of planes......he's a very crafty sort of kid and so is his aunt.

Yesterday afternoon I went to Cara's last T-Ball game and then it was back home to see if Nolan had made it home from Colorado Springs yet. He will be making a few trips back and forth from Colorado Springs moving equipment for the company he was working for a couple of months ago. He was home and kind of tired. I finally got some sleep! I'm really not that scared when he's gone but for some reason I just don't sleep good.

Well, I ready to start this day so I'll go for now.

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