Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Dentist, Work, VA Appraiser

Pretty uneventful ready to take Cain to his mother at work for his dentist appointment, ate lunch at Arby's, dropped Cain off, ran through the car wash, and back home.

Went in to work at the convenience store for the girl who regularly works weekday nights (she had the day off). Worked about 5 1/2 hours.....that's my kind of work day!!!

Realtor called to let us know that there were three items to fix/get done before closing......hand rail on basement stairway, foundation vents in crawl space, and put down a plastic vapor barrier in the crawl space. Shouldn't be too expensive; however, Nolan is thinking the vapor barrior will be a chore to get done....guess we'll see!

Only 13 days until we close......

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Dee & Jim said...

It's great hearing from you. Please keep posting to let us know you're still on target. I can't wait to find out what RV you'll get. We're right behind you. We're putting our condo up for sale in Feb 09. Thanks for posting.