Thursday, July 10, 2008

Shopping, House Repairs, Minor Problem (I Hope)

Went to Lowes to finish getting the supplies we needed to put in the crawl space vents and the handrail for the basement stairs. Tried to find a belt for the lawn mower but no luck. Drove through the Dodge dealer but didn't see anything. Nolan is really thinking we should find a truck before we get the 5th Wheel......I just don't think we have enough time before we close on the house.

Got home and a friend came by and cut the holes for the vents and Nolan caulked around the edges where water might seep in. That project is done. Rail on stairway will have to wait until we get the furniture out of the basement. It's a very narrow stairway and couch won't go out if the rail is up.

Buyers are coming for a walk through tomorrow at 3:00.....don't really know why but they are.

There may be a problem with some of the "stuff" they added on during the process of coming to an agreement on the contract. I was dealing with my realtor who was dealing with the buyer's realtor who was talking to the buyer. I was not hearing what they wanted directly and after reading more carefully the wording on the counteroffer I signed (Yes, I signed it), I was thinking they wanted a different picture than I now think they want......the picture I think they want is not mine, it's my daughter's and it's an original oil painting that's worth between $1500 and $2000. They can't have it.....we'll see how it turns out.

Only 5 days until we close!

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