Monday, October 6, 2008

Back to Working on Getting Ready to Travel

Well, got back to my new home on Friday night.....what a good feeling to be back in your own bed! Mom is doing well and I felt comfortable leaving her to get better on her own. She was getting around by herself and gettin stronger every day. Here is a picture of Brenna and my uncle (my Mom's brother) at the hospital....isn't she so cute. She was so good! We all spent the night at the hospital that night and she was no trouble at all.....I think her and Nolan and a pretty good time actually!

Took a couple of pictures of our 5th Wheel sitting in my sister's yard. Sure wish we were ready to move on.

Here's our new to us truck to pull it with!

I think I mentioned that the recliners in the trailer were not comfortable at all. Mine actually made my legs go to sleep when I sat in it....they were terrible. Here's our new ones!

We're getting there.....things are coming together. This week we get the hitch installed and look for a brake controller.

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Jim and Dee said...

Thanks for the great pictures! I wish we were that far with getting on the road, it will come hopefully. Congratulations. Good luck on the hitch and moving on.