Thursday, October 23, 2008

Crossville and Bluff City,TN

OK, this is not so easy......I forgot to take pictures when we left Sikeston, MO (not such a big deal cause we had been to Sikeston several times before) and then I forgot again when we left Crossville, TN, last night. I also didn't get anything posted here last night either. You guys that get all that done are to be admired! I'm too busy getting all the travelling stuff done.

We stayed at the Deer Run RV Resort in Crossville. Nice park sitting on a lake.....I think it was one of those resorts that people buy into and own their sites. However, I think they had 75 sites for anyone to stay in. It was a gated community setting. They had everything you could ever want....even their own church. The sites were wooded but kind of close together. The site we stayed in was a pull through site but not so level and the sewer hookup had to go up hill......and we all know s**t doesn't go uphill so well. Nolan did manage to get the hose blocked up so "it" could go down hill. However, with even all that, it was a Passport America member so we stayed for only $14. We didn't even unhook because it was such a long day of driving.....I've already told him I don't like driving that far in one day.....we'll see if he remembers!

I forgot that the only phone I have now is my cell phone and didn't dig it our of my bag before I went to bed.....Carla called several times (9 missed calls)....guess she was a little worried about us. I promise not to forget about the phone from now on!

Today we made it to Bluff City, TN. It's about 30 miles away from Ginny, one of my best friends and the reason we are here. Got here around 2:30 and set up. Cleaned everything and got settled.....I like knowing we're not moving tomorrow!!!!

We're staying at Lakeview RV Park. I think this park was mainly built for the races at Bristol. Newer park with small trees. It's built on a hillside with big sites and all the hookups with cable for only $20 per night (that includes the tax). It's also a Passport America park. We have already saved what our membership costs. They also have a enclosed area where pets don't have to be on a leash. And of course I'm sure you guessed from the name, it sits on Boone Lake. It's nice but probably would not have Linda and Howard's "it" factor. I think we'll be OK.

Which brings up another's not so easy to pick some place to stay if you've never been there before and aren't sure what you want to do....I think I'm going to have to do more planning than I first thought!!!!


Jim and Dee said...

Thanks so much for posting! This is going to be fun seeing through your eyes what we'll be learning to do before long. Thanks, and I'll follow faithfully along with you.

Anonymous said...

Great to see you are in Bluff City----if you want to take a days drive go to Mountain City---I will even give you directions to my favorite place - Hardee's. I wish I was still there i would definitely meet you. Watauga lake is a beautiful place.... \Have a wonderful time in my home state!!! Conga ---rats on getting out of the yard...I am next!!


JimBob said...

Welcome to the road! You'll appreciate your Passport- and as you said, it has been paid for. Keep posting- and you'll find that folks will jump in and keep you up to date- have fun! Thanks for following our blog, we'll be back on the road soon.
Jim Bob and Miss Bette

Nancy said...

Hey, Donna! I can't believe you and Nolan are actually on the road. This is pretty neat--glad Patti shared and hope you don't mind if I keep up with you here. Am off to Tan-Tar-A tomorrow for off-site at Lake of the Ozarks, and back to work on Wednesday. Know you don't, but wish you were going to. Miss my basket buddy already. . .Have fun and be careful.

Homeless said...

I am sorry that your experience in Crossville wasn't the greatest. It is a nice little town with a great state park (with camping). There's a nice restaurant at the state park too.

I love how lush and green the area is, even in the winter (what a cold one Crossville had this year).

And, if you're a golfer.... its supposed to be heaven on earth (I am not though).