Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Passport and Voting

No work on the hitch but we did do some things that needed to be done before we leave MO. Went in to Houston, MO, Texas County Courthouse to do our absentee voting and straighten out our address with the county. They would not take just a POB so we had to give them my sister's address.

We also decided that Nolan should get a passport since we will be so close to Mexico all winter. I got my passport in 2005 when I went to Italy with my daughter. I have to say the process now is much simpler. The Houston Post Office will take the picture and send in the application for you. The only small clitch in the process was that they would not accept the birth certificate that Nolan had. It was the original birth certificate that the doctor gave Nolan's mother when he was born. Not a certified copy from the state. Obtaining a certified copy was not as complicated as when I got one. He was able to go to the County Health Department in town and get a copy right there for $15. What a deal! Did not have to wait for it to be mailed to us from the state. I just want to say that I think that the cost of getting a passport is way too high......$75 to the government, $25 to the post office for processing, and $15 for the picture. So, the whole thing cost $130 for a short trip to Mexico maybe.

After all that, we took the bedspread to the laundry to wash and dry while I did some shopping at Wal Mart. Why is it that you can't leave that place without spending $100 or close. There's always something there that you just can't get buy without!

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