Thursday, October 30, 2008

Travelling-- Meridian, MS

Today was travelling day. Didn't look at the clock when I got up but I know it was after 7:00 am. We were on the road by 9:00....we're really getting good at this. I've probably jinks us and we'll forget to do something the next time like put the steps in or something equally as negligent. After alot of "where do we go" questions and changing our minds last night, we finally decided to head for MS. We had a very uneventful day and I just wanted to share the pictures of our dogs. They seem to be adjusting very well to travelling!!!


Anonymous said...

They do look like they are comfortable!!

Love you

Anonymous said...

Sorry forgot to leave my name on the last was me, your wonderful daughter!

Anonymous said...

Hi Donna & Nolan,
It looks Beautiful and sounds so FUN!!!!! I have now decided (at 33) what to be when I grow up.... A Retired Traveler! Be safe, have fun and remember to call your wonderful daughter everyday so she will not "stalker" call you anymore. I am so excited for you (and envious)
Love Angela (your wonderful daughter's wonderful best friend)

Anonymous said...

Hi Donna and Nolan,
It looks like so much fun. HAPPY HALLOWEEN????- Kaylee (your wonderful daughter's wonderful best friend's fantastic teenager- in january.....)

Doncat said...

Cute looking "fur-kids". Is the one in the last picture a terrier?

Jim and Dee said...

What a great family! The furbabies seem to be taking everything in stride. You're blessed with such cute puppies.