Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Hitch, Cooking Again, and Mattress Topper

They did work on the hitch again....still not done but a little closer....says may be done tomorrow!

Was in the cooking mood again so I fixed some steak baked in Campbell's mushroom soup and baked potatoes with monkey bread for dessert. Should have cooked the steak a little longer but the monkey bread was great!

Mattress our house we had a king size memory foam mattress not a Tempurpedic but a name brand. I slept pretty good. Before that we had a pretty good regular queen size mattress that was guarenteed to not sink in the middle. It did and the company rebuilt it or gave us a new one; however, we did not use it. We purchase a king size bed about the same time that had the memory foam mattress on it. The regular mattress was in our spare bedroom. So, when we bought the trailer of course the mattress in it did not seem like something I could live with. We put the new queen size mattress that was in our extra bedroom in the 5th Wheel because it was new and we had used it before with no problems until we had to have it replaced. Would have preferred to use the king size memory foam but of course the kind size would not fit!!! Well, I'm not sleeping very well.....after about a month I purchased one of those toppers with 3" of foam and 1" of memory foam. It really raised the height of the bed to something that was not comfortable and it did not fit the queen mattress very well. It was about an 1" too short all around so I gave it to my niece for one of her kids beds. We took it over to her house tonight. It did not seem to help my sleeping very much anyway. I'm still not sleeping very well.....I've got to find a solution!!!!!!

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