Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Truck, Shopping

Made an appointment to get the truck serviced and check on the installation kit for the hitch in West Plains. Got all that done.....the installation kit was not in stock and we did not order one. Got the brake controller and Nolan will install that. Guess he will also talk to his brother tomorrow about the installation kit. Don't know when we'll get going!!!

Made a stop at Wal Mart and got a few groceries. Also got a couple of other things for the RV. Need to wash the outside tomorrow so I got a few things to do that. More 3M picture hangars, a over the door hanger for Nolan's jacket, magnet strips for the washing machine lid (didn't work, magnet was not strong enough), and 3M hooks for the bathroom sink area. 3M hanging products are great!!!

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Jim and Dee said...

What a wonderful idea for the little baskets! Thanks for the great pictures and ideas.